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  1. The dumber you are, the easier your life is. So this is probably a lot of advantages. On the other hand, your critical thinking is disabled, which makes your life look like shit, so it's better to put it together sometimes. When you become smarter than many others, you start to over-reflect on it, and it causes terrible pain.

    Therefore, sometimes you need to degrade a little — play computer games, read some idiotic comics, watch idiotic cartoons — arrange a discharge for your brain. Allow yourself to let down a little bit sometimes.

  2. The lower your intelligence, the less you need to be happy. An exaggerated but appropriate example: “Flowers for Algernon.” Recently, I was asked to comment on how it ended there, whether there was a happy ending… After some thought, I answered “yes”. Having lost the ability to perceive the world objectively, to distinguish pity from sympathy, and to worry about global problems, the main character became happy again. And a smart person needs much more to be happy than a regular bowl of soup and a loved one at his side.

    There are pluses. But now intelligence is all the rage, and even fools are finding it harder to enjoy the simplicity of their lives.

  3. The degradation of humanity as a Consumer is very beneficial for the Illuminati!A dumb slave who stupidly fulfills all the wishes of the ruler!For the person himself, degradation – becoming a slave, of course, is not the best way to survive and exist, but much easier! When you think sensibly, draw conclusions and feel what is happening in the world, you indulge in unnecessary questions for a peaceful existence, which lead you to fight against injustice, evil, tourism, and the filth of this world! Life becomes meaningful, you start to think about a lot of things, what?how?why?why?what can I change?why isn't it fair?where is the truth?hence strikes,demonstrations, collusions, strikes!Which government would like that?they need an obedient herd-be-e-eeeeeee)))

  4. And for me, there are no advantages in this, at least for the person himself, in contrast to various structures that require such a creature, and as for the statement that it is easier and easier for a person to live-everyone sometimes wanted to be a cat or a dog, which requires nothing but basic needs and their satisfaction, it is difficult to judge, these are all deviations from the norm, although on the other hand, people

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