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  1. They exist! And there are even more people who haven't read or understood this book, but still pretend to love it.

    for some reason, businesspeople should love “Atlanta…”, just as all Russians who consider themselves intellectuals should love Dostoevsky.

    Nonsense and prejudice

  2. For example, I tried to read it in the original – I couldn't, it was a rare piece of boring stuff (although at that time I was still an avid liberal and an adherent of reasonable selfishness).

    I began to study the main provisions of the theses – there is a contradiction on contradiction and social Darwinism brought to the point of absurdity. Here is an excellent analysis on this topic:�Are there any aspects that you disagree with about Ayn Rand's philosophy?

    The claim that reasonable selfishness leads to the good of all has long been refuted, even now strictly mathematically (see “the prisoner's dilemma”).

    The very name of the doctrine “objectivism” apart from the claim to objectivity does not mean anything and does not correspond to the content.

    In general, an evil bruised aunt, praising the oligarchy for their money. Now there are a lot of them divorced.

  3. I admire the commentators who so colorfully describe their disagreements with Ms. Rand's theories. In my opinion, the answer is much simpler. The key part of the question is “they can't stand it”.

    From the first pages of the book, I found strange moments for myself: I, like the heroes of Ain, being a businessman, often choose to hang out at work, and to drink and have fun – a conversation with a smart person. But my friends love and know how to have fun, and unlike the author, I do not think that this makes them worse, but on the contrary, it somehow elevates me above them.

    Further, given this fact, I began to look at the book through the prism of distrust. And critically evaluate every thought. I've mastered another 20 pages. In my opinion, this vulgar, poorly written, tabloid reading for some strange reason, like Dontsov in Russia, has become popular.

    After that, I tried to reread it several times, but I didn't even get to that point. So, yes, I'm a businessman and I can't stand Atlanta.

  4. A businessman with a copy of Ayn Rand in a restaurant is already a moneymaker, justifying his refusal to donate to the local king for children.kindergarten or the road to the store. Reading material is not relevant today and is too difficult for a merchant, but it is useful for their horizons. Terrible capitalism with a working day of 12 hours has sunk into oblivion and the lady described it very elegantly. But I'll admit, it's hard to find such a passionate narrative about business innovation and human enterprise. The answer is that the author is not familiar to businessmen, in stores he is on the shelves of “prose”, and not “business literature”. Our richer people don't tend to bring a philosophical dimension to their make money work.

  5. Lots of them! Some are willing to donate part of their profits to social work, so that hungry proletarians do not take everything, and prefer Social Democrats to fans of Alisa Zinovievna. Others just don't like the language of the presentation.

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