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  1. If we are talking about computing power, memorization, sociability and overall productivity, then amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine (possibly) and their analogues. If you talk about creativity, unconventional ideas, deep thinking, then you can use marijuana, true psychedelics(LSD, mescaline, psilocybin). MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, is used to boost your mood, increase empathy, and make you feel beautiful. Unfortunately, all of the above is illegal. For now.

  2. I bought Modafinil in Egypt after the ban in Russia. In addition to the lack of drowsiness, I did not notice any effects. I bought the original, expensive, from Cairo to Sharm brought. After spending the night visiting an Egyptian friend, I was able to hold out without sleep until the evening of the next day. Not without effort, of course, but I couldn't have done it without him. совокупности In combination with other nootropics, subjectively, �there was a nootropic effect. But when you drink a cocktail of 4-5 nootropics, it is difficult to determine what exactly worked. At the moment I use phenotropil. Cheap, legal, and works. The main thing under it is not to be distracted, very much pulls on a chat with two or three tablets. I tried almost all nootropics. I haven't tried ritalin or aderal, but it's already a drug. Nothing reaches NZT, of course, but the fact that this is not a placebo effect is 100%. P.S. alcohol does not take phenotropil. Well, that is, strong intoxication comes much later.

  3. Yes, it is phenotropil, DMAA. Soon I think it will be banned, the main thing when using them is to direct your strength to some cause-so that it is not useless.

  4. I read that in America, students often drink amphetamine-based stimulants (for example, ritalin) during the session, where these pills are prescribed to people with ADHD

  5. NZT, fantastic? In fact, no, there is an analogue of this drug in real life, at least the effect of the drug is similar, if not at all identical, as well as its side effects, such a drug is a narcotic psychostimulant – amphetamine, its analogues, as well as drugs similar in structure, for example, a derivative of feprosidnin (the main constituent substance of amphetamine) sidnokarb, which by the way is not prohibited, but has not been produced since 2012.�

    And so, let's take it in order. Amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant, a phenylethylamine derivative. The mechanism of action is based on the release of neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine). The effect of amphetamine is based on an increase in the release of catecholamines, especially dopamine and norepinephrine, from the presynaptic endings. During normal functioning of the dopaminergic synapse, dopamine is released into the synaptic cleft by exocytosis of dopamine-containing vesicles. Action of the drug: It is expressed in improving mood, increasing attention and ability to concentrate, as well as in the appearance of a sense of confidence and comfort. Amphetamine increases motor and speech activity, reduces drowsiness and appetite, and improves performance. The negative side of the central effects of amphetamine can be expressed in the appearance of feelings of anxiety, insomnia and tremor. Amphetamine can also cause panic and psychosis.�

    And what do we see? The effect of the drug, although not as strong as shown in the film (and that's why it's a movie), but very, very strong, people are able to study material in 12 hours, which would take at least several days for a person who did not take the drug to study.

    And in conclusion, I want to say that a drug like NZT may appear very soon, because the development of psychostimulants is taking huge steps, and they are the future.

  6. Phenotropil, for example.�

    You can read its indications and actions, including improving brain activity.

    You can not take courses, although there are no side effects, except for the deterioration of sleep and loss of appetite. During the norm session

  7. There are drugs that stimulate the brain, such as neurometabolic stimulants and nootropics. The first is the well-known over-the-counter drug glycine. Nootropics are usually sold by�recipe and�appointed on�medical conditions�— memory loss or disruption of the brain due to injuries and�aging, attention deficit (ADHD) and�T.�D.

    But”none of the “drugs” has such an instant and “serious effect” as the fictional NZT.

    The idea that there is a magic pill that can turn a person into a genius grows out of an old misconception. The myth that we use only a small percentage of our brain's capabilities has long been swirled around in books and articles. However, scientists have long refuted this statement-a person has access to almost all brain resources at any time. Not�can be�no question�about�any�5% or�20% abilities. It is on this myth that the plot of NZT is built, the hero of Bradley Cooper also thinks that 80% of the possibilities are sitting somewhere very deep and waiting for their activation.

    In fact, there is no “dormant resource”, there is only a scientifically proven development potential. With regular training, the brain gains new skills and even changes its structure (for example, the amount of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex may increase).�

    But when a healthy person tries to stimulate the brain in some additional way, hoping to knock out the “hidden opportunities” from it, everything gets even worse. External stimulation makes the brain lazy. He”no longer” wants to do something himself, but ” only requires more and more doses of the stimulant. Therefore, most drugs of this type are addictive and “prohibited for” free sale.

    A good example of the harm of stimulants is nicotine and caffeine. They, in fact, have the properties of NZT-instantly raise the level of dopamine and adrenaline. A person can become animated for a short time, start working more actively, or start thinking. But very quickly, hormone levels drop, fatigue sets in, and the brain demands a new dose.

    Therefore, I advise you not to mock the brain with pills that will make it lazy and dependent. Instead, exercise your brain's memory, attention, and thinking functions on a regular basis. The Wikium platform will help you with this: training sessions of 15-20 minutes a day, accessible exercises in a playful way that work on the principle of gradual progress. If you exercise regularly, the effect will be noticeable and stable, which no stimulant will give you.

  8. Amphetamine? I could almost imagine the wolves on Lenin Street drawing sales plans on the landing walls😂

    Guys, go down to the castle, NZT is a figment of the imagination, no more)

  9. eleutheracoc

    Syrup and pills, that's just a simplified version. During sessions and long-term work, when the brains do not give anything except porridge, this is it. I threw in a syrup, two tablets, glycine to taste, and the recipe for homemade nrt is ready. Bon appetit

  10. NZT �in the film is a prototype of the real-life drug modafinil, which is banned in Russia, but it is imported under other names. On the Internet, on resources about nootropics, you will find a lot about these substances and read all the pros and cons. In the US, for example, it has been used for a long time.

  11. There is no such thing as NZT, so far this is fantastic. But there are already real nootropics and psychostimulants that can increase the “digestibility” of the material and the ability to concentrate.

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