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  1. Yes, there is. The first thing that comes to mind is empathogens. One of the most famous is MDMA (ecstasy, molly). By the name, it is clear that they develop empathy and make communication more sensual, a person becomes more open and trusting. And the happiness that flows over the edge contributes even more to this. What is also important – usually the experience is not forgotten and remains after a trip, which lasts, relatively speaking, 6 hours (with recessions and increases-peaks).

    But this only increases the chances of instilling something in a person. Making them believe for a long time that the earth is flat or that you are married is unlikely.�

    In the fifties, ecstasy was tested by the US military during interrogations (although they deny everything), because it was believed that the user would begin to share his secrets with pleasant men in uniform in some cases. It didn't work out. The interrogators, without bothering to hand out military secrets, just stupidly smeared on the table, loved this world even as harsh as it was for them at the moment, and got their buzz for free.

  2. Scopolamine.
    Aka “Devil's Breath”. It is also an alkaloid found in trees of the Solanaceae family, growing in South America. At the moment, it proudly bears the title of “the world's most dangerous drug” for a moment.

    It turns people into obedient zombies who carry out any orders of the “owner”: whether it's robbing cows, holding a single picket naked in front of a hundred thousand crowd with a banner ” peace-labor-May-June-July-August!” and more than 9,000 things that are in the framework and go beyond the reasonable a little more than completely. In short, absolutely EVERYTHING.

    It is popular in Colombia with the local crook, masterfully cashing in on naive intourists. It has no taste or smell, so it is freely mixed into any substance that can be taken by the mouth.

    Naturally, it was used as the basis for all sorts of” truth serums ” used by the CIA-associates.

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