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  1. Sexual arousal is the highest nervous activity. Purely erection is a reaction to the blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis(at the beginning of item 1, then item 2, and so on in a circle). To cause disinhibition of attraction, you need to resort to drug-like substances (alcohol, cannabiodides for example…), but these substances act like a shovel blow on a bucket dressed on your head (with high toxicity, hallucinogenic, addictive-that is, far from harmless). There are drugs that cause dilation of the pelvic vessels and cause an erection .Drugs cause the syndrome of stealing, the heart blood flow is impoverished, and the pads can end badly

  2. This is a myth. Aphrodisiacs can affect sexual function (in other words, how often you want it or how much), but they can't cause attraction to a particular person.

  3. There is a large list of substances that can cause strong sexual desire, both in men and women.These are drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, sodium oxybuterate, etc.Only here, in addition to sexual desire, they cause a person the strongest addiction and therefore are completely prohibited for circulation on the territory of Russia and on the territory of many other countries.You can call them aphrodisiacs, but in reality they are drugs.In any case, do not experiment with mind-altering substances, no matter how tempting they may be.This is dangerous for your freedom, your health and your life.

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