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  1. There is only the present. And life is only in the present. The past and future exist only in consciousness in the form of information about the past or future. Information about the past can be false or true. Information about the future is always true with varying degrees of probability.

    In different sciences, there are different opinions on this issue. This is just mine.

  2. Everything depends on the meaning of the word “exist”. Science understands existence narrowly – as a manifestation of itself in interactions. In this sense, neither the past nor the future exists, and it is impossible to interact with them. We only interpret the present as a consequence of the past, and by what we interact with now, we reconstruct what was before.

    At the same time, the concepts of the past and future exist, and we interact with them.

  3. Time and the past exist and the future will come and be the present. But life takes place in the present tense. The old has passed, sunk into oblivion, the new has not been born, but is in the stage of development. Except in the womb of Life ! But no one took away their right to exist. You must sincerely believe in all this ! A pessimist lives in the past, an optimist lives in the future, and we live in all these three dimensions !

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