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  1. No, I wouldn't kill people I don't even know for someone. And it would be a shame to die so stupidly. Not only to die, but I wouldn't go to war either.

    Our land and life are beautiful beyond the borders of the territorial homeland.

    And I would advise those who are at war to solve problems peacefully, because completely innocent people are suffering.

    Good question. I usually ask it to my friends and acquaintances. Interestingly, many agree and would go to war.

  2. First of all, I want to know if Dmitry is ready? Secondly, I believe that in order to ask such questions, one must have a moral right to do so. Who he is-Dmitry, except for the name nothing is known, and the question is very serious. Today's young people write on the Internet that they will not go to war for the current oligarchs, let alone die, but who then, pensioners? And, ultimately, my opinion on this issue: no one is able to answer this question in such a way that the action coincides with the answer. In a critical situation, you need to find yourself and only then will follow the action that you are capable of and no one knows what this action will be. You can show off in Zen and make yourself look like a hero in front of your readers, but it will just be about nothing.

  3. What's this stupid question fair on Kew?

    Why die? In the war for the Motherland (by the way, it is written with a capital letter in such questions), a normal person should fight the enemy and win in order to live with the Motherland further.

    And then, you will die or not die – as fate will turn out… If anything, everyone dies sooner or later anyway…

  4. Homeland is from the definition of something that transcends a person, is his source and essence. Therefore, anyone is ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the motherland, because this is the highest value.

    A completely different conversation begins when you need to determine what exactly everyone considers their homeland. People die for both virtue and vice – so some consider drugs their homeland and are ready to give their lives for them.

  5. Please contact the Yandex administration.Cue to stop provocative questions that are essentially statements. The platform turns from a unique scientific and populist project into a garbage dump for politically dissatisfied liberals, libertarians, anarchists and other navalnoids.

    And-yes-the author,” Homeland ” is written with a capital letter.

  6. No

    Because there is no way the supposed war can be started for the benefit of the people. This can be judged by carefully analyzing the available information

  7. No)) And even if this could happen by some misunderstanding, it would be good if it was a paid risk, and the circumstances themselves are random and not predictable. Well, optional – it is also desirable to have the opportunity to finally have time to curse everyone for whom I had to die. From them will not lose and dying for all sorts of abstractions is not so offensive)))

    PS If I would have served right now-I would have said the same thing, if that))

  8. Only if you follow the King. If I die, I will know who I will die for and how I will really help the country. I believe that the King is unchangeable and will honor the life of every deceased fighter

  9. Not even close to the Russian Federation. no. The Russian Federation is a cap country I will not go to war for the capitalist. It is easier to change your own capitalist for someone else's, maybe it will be better who knows. But to fight for someone else's uncle, for his interests, why?????

    For the USSR and the Soviet system YES YES YES. I served in the USSR and prepared (if necessary) for this. Like my grandfather and many other men and women. And the Anthem really mattered to me then: we were a great (in many ways) first country without poor and rich servants and masters. It was clear to me that I was protecting the interests of the country i.e. the peaceful life of workers women children the elderly etc. And now it is necessary to protect the rich moneybags who have become rich at the expense of the drood of people working for them. So no, fight and die for his interests yourself. And what difference does it make to a simple hard worker if he works hard for Ivan Ivanovich or some George, and both of them are bourgeois who have eaten their fill.

    My homeland is an Ally, and I would die for it. For the Russian Federation (this is not my homeland, but someone else's), not only to die, but on the contrary, I am ready to betray. It's up to you to judge. This is my feeling and my life.

  10. No, Dimon, I'm not ready to die for my country in the war.

    First of all, I am 76 years old and of course I can die, but it is unlikely that I will fight now – and you are asking me about whether you are ready to fight(and not to die).

    Secondly, Dimon, I was born in Siberia, I am a Siberian and I live in Ukraine and I am not ready to “die” for this “homeland” in a war with my people. Not ready!

    Thirdly, the war is already going on in the “ridnaya nenka Ukraine” and for some reason it is called the ATO and the terrorists here are Donchaks-Cossacks, my brothers-for I am not just a Siberian, I am a cheldon(a cheldon is a person from the Don, so the Cossacks-pioneers of Siberia called themselves). And there are a lot of us Cossacks in Russia – both Amur, and Daurian, and Baikal and Trans-Baikal, and Yenisei, and Terek, and Ural, and Kuban, and Kuma and Danube – so the Ukrainians(Zaporozhye Cossacks ) will not take our twin cities of Donchaks – because Dimon they are ready to die for their homeland-Donbass. And on his native land, Dimon and death are red in public.

    Pay attention Dimon, Zakharchenko is a four-time holder of the St. George Cross, two of them were earned not by him, but by his ancestors(this is the status of the order – all descendants of the St. George knight are required to wear it) Our brother Cossack is Donchak, and he proved that he is ready to die for the motherland.

  11. The question is bad, for at least two reasons. He assumes that we have a homeland. Then it will have to be called. To discover that it is a thing of the past. In the Russian Federation, we are deprived of everything. And this is the first problem. And here's the second one. War is a political tool of the oligarchy. And if the oligarchy took advantage of it, got involved in the war, in its own interests, of course, then its oligarchy should automatically be approved, ready to die for it? On approve-s seek and find. I will not agree with the power of big capital in anything. The masters will always have serfs. With forelocks.

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