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  1. Of course, a sense of humor is present in both art and fashion. Humor can be found not only in painting, drawing, sculpture, cinema, but also in landscape art. An example is the Water Road cracker fountain in Peterhof. It was held along the alley and suddenly turned on, showering passers-by with water from head to toe.
    However, the most obvious example is the caricature genre, which concerned not only politics, everyday life, but also fashion. Bizarre fashion trends: exorbitantly high hairstyles, flies, fizmas, suffering from tightening corsets – all this was a reason for ridicule. (For example, the famous caricature “The Ass Shop” of the 1780s, which shows clever ladies choosing their own buttocks to increase the volume of their buttocks, thus deceiving naive men). As for modern fashion, one of the most ironic brands is Moschino, which flirts with popular culture. Not so long ago, this brand released perfume in a bottle that resembles a bottle of window cleaner.

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