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  1. Yes, I know the answer. I came across this myself. For example, I am 51 years old, I have been living in exile for 10 years, I went to study retraining from the labor exchange. I'm tired of working in a stupid and low-paying job. I'm studying to become an IT specialist. And the more I study, the more each lesson causes headaches and disgust. Before studying, I was engaged in self-study in web design and programming, but everything was not systematized and there were not enough materials. But at the same time, everything new was fun. Now all training is remote (due to covid-quarantine) and this also complicates your studies. Sitting in the classroom and listening to a live teacher is one thing, but lying on the couch and staring at the monitor, jumping from page to page, then to the training server, then to the training files, then to the group messenger…

    I also understand very well that no one needs me in this job market, I'm too old, I don't have any school connections with the locals, I'm an immigrant, I don't speak the local language, even though I know it. For another job, my health is no longer the same, I have problems with my knees, I am at risk of diabetes, I have been treated for depression for several years now.

    From all this, my head hurts, because neither the forces nor the time is short, the brains are no longer the same as they were in 20-40 years. And before retirement as it is necessary to live. Then it will be easier. You get old-age benefits and bask in the Sun at home in summer, in winter in Spain or Turkey.

  2. A great question with an answer in it!�

    It's an unwillingness to learn what you learn, or an unwillingness to do it in the ways that you do. You need to either change the direction of your studies, or find a different approach to learning. Maybe a tutor, or another textbook, or find something good in the process itself; periodically remember what it's all about. Get enough sleep and move around more, get some fresh air.

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