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  1. From a scientific point of view, the aging of the body begins after the end of the growth process.

    Recent scientific studies have shown that at the cellular level, growth lasts up to 25 years, as the prefrontal cortex of the brain “grows”. So a person reaches full mental maturity, but the aging of the body begins.

    Mental aging occurs when a person begins to live more in the past than in the present and stops thinking about the future.

  2. The body is made up of cells, but cells naturally age constantly, but at different rates…So aging is only indirectly related to growth, rather it is our payment for multicellularity…as soon as there are two or more cells, the aging program is activated…It is not a tragedy if we are able to include an equally natural rejuvenation program… another thing is that no one seriously examines the nature of the source of this rejuvenation…But in vain…It is the Psyche, and especially our Immortal Soul, that is such a source…So it's fine…the psyche does not age…

  3. Different theories answer this question in different ways: some say that physiological aging begins almost from the age of 16, but in practice only in clinical cases does someone complain about aging at this age… now 30-40-year-olds are considered young.

    In my opinion, the psyche is primary in aging, the more a person is immersed in thoughts that the best years are behind them, the faster the body responds to these thoughts.

    The second, but no less important factor is heredity…

    The third, but also no less important factor is lifestyle, especially nutrition, sleep, rest, basic physical education and work activities.

    Another important factor is the environment that influences a particular person with its attitudes. In other words, if a good-looking wife is constantly told by her husband (mother-in-law, mother, father, children, friends, colleagues, a cashier in Pyaterochka, etc.) that she is old and scary, then she will start to age faster, even if all the previous factors are at a good level..

    Conclusion: everything is very, very individual)

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