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  1. Probably, nothing objective in itself can make you doubt your faith. Some saints admitted the existence of extraterrestrials, or we can say that it was demons who appeared, etc. Conversely, even the appearance of an angel can be attributed to hallucinations and not believe in God.

    My faith is not based on objective facts, but on my subjective relationship with God. Therefore, to doubt, you need something very personal to happen. So that something in me has to change, break down, and for my own internal reasons I could no longer be with God.

  2. It depends on the representative of which religion you apply to. For Christians, it is possible to doubt the faith if someone finds the corpse of Christ in the place of His burial. For Buddhists, the whole world is an illusion. They are equally doubtful of faith and lack of it. Debunk the divinity of the Japanese emperor for old Japanese people can be tried. But, first you will need to master Japanese. You can try to prove to the representatives of Islam that they are in trouble with the Koran, provided that you do not value your life. When you find a universal formula, tell us…

  3. I'm not a believer. But if I had, I would have doubted my faith, the death of someone close to me. Or some train or plane accident.

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