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  1. So did you break up with him completely, or are you trying to get together, but everyone is judging you?

    1. Never tell anyone anything bad about your man: because you will make up, and he will remain in the eyes of other people a person who does not deserve respect. Again, when you tell these things to others, you don't think they'll think of you: what a poor wretch you are, you came to complain, and now the guy has come, apologized, and you're putting up with all his antics again. And you can't prove anything to anyone, whether it's true or not. Don't give people an extra reason to discuss YOUR personal life.

    2. Say thank you to everyone who took part in supporting you after the quarrel, apologize to them and promise to solve similar problems yourself in the future. If they continue to reproach you, end the conversation.

  2. There are only 2 options in a broad sense:

    1) do not put up, and then shozhlyudiskazhut

    2) put up with and tolerate spitting in your direction

    If you cursed him with the last words in communication with relatives, then really-what does it add up to? Are you a masochist? And if a person is basically a good one, with its pros and cons, so why water it with shit? First, understand yourself.

    In general, it is correct to say that you need to think first, and then say

  3. You're doing just fine. You had a crisis, stress, emotions. The need to speak out. We were lucky – there were also people who were ready to listen to you. Then we made up. Everything is fine.

    Not normal with people's reactions. It's slightly inadequate. In my opinion, even from adolescence it should be clear that “cute quarrel” – “cute quarrel”. i understand. Emotions are sharp, tears are water. They will get mad, calm down, heal normally again, and this will happen more than once. Now, if there were no emotions, indifference – then yes, but so… That is why you need to respond appropriately if a person close to you complains about the other half. At this time, he is a fool, he does not know what he is talking about. You need to listen and support, but in no case do not agree with criticism, and even more so do not criticize the chosen one yourself. The “goat” will become a “prince”in a couple of days, people will be fine, your loved one will forget their negative-and yours will remember. And if this happens several times, then you will be associated with something bad, or even become a “razluchnik” – although you just wanted to help the person.

    It seems to me that in this case it is better to tell everyone honestly – that they say, it was necessary to talk out, throw out emotions, give vent to anger. I'm sorry that I used you for this, but you can also contact me for the same. But everyone will decide what to do and how to act separately.

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