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  1. Weight Loss Myths

    A lot of incomprehensible statements are formed around the topic of weight loss. Many people are deeply mistaken in their understanding of this topic. I decided to clear up the fog. The faint of heart should not read it! Start.


    I think no matter who you ask, what exercise is the best for weight loss, the answer will be — running. In fact, this is not the case. Cardio burns a lot less than strength training. In an hour of running, you'll lose about 500 calories. Not too thick. And you can also try running for an hour without stopping.

    But squats, in addition to making the body burn much more calories, will also help build muscle and improve the figure.

    Slim waist

    I fell for this trick at the beginning of my gym sessions, and I regret it. There is a belief that lateral inclines on the press will help reduce the waist. NOTHING. I did a lot of them and now I have in addition to fat on the sides, also inflated sides, which can not be removed. Even at 7% fat, they will STICK OUT. This is the same thing that people pump their abs and think that the fat will go away. And then they complain that the volume of the stomach has become larger.

    Diet means hunger

    When fasting, the body first begins to take energy not from fat, as we would like, but from muscle. Therefore, on a diet you can not starve in any case! Fat has twice as many calories. Therefore, it will be used last.

    Understand the question and study your body. Learn to listen to it. And then you will achieve more effective results.

  2. There are several reasons for this problem:

    • Incorrect posture. Do regular correction exercises. Do the “vacuum” exercise to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles.
    • Overall overweight. Sign up for the gym with a trainer, do strength exercises. Preferably under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Cut back on carbs.
    • Problems with hormones. Increased levels of the hormone “cortisol” can contribute to fat deposits on the abdomen. Make an appointment with an endocrinologist and get tested.

    Exercise for posture:

  3. You may think it's crazy, but you probably have visceral belly fat. There is only one way out, no amount of physical activity will help until you stop consuming sugar in such quantities as now. When you buy products, look at the sugar content, it is everywhere. Sugar is found in rice, bread, fruit (by the way, many people think that fructose is healthier than sugar, this is a lie), fresh juice, carbonated drinks, it is everywhere!!!! That's as soon as you start to control your sugar intake, belly fat will start to decrease, and then you can connect exercises, exercise, and so on.

  4. Check the level of testosterone and estradiol – very often low first and high second contribute to the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen.

  5. Only aerobic exercise can get rid of visceral and subcutaneous fat. By itself, the exclusion of refined sugar from the diet is not enough (tested on yourself), but it is necessary. Sugar is generally harmful in all respects – both for teeth and for the figure, but a sedentary lifestyle also contributes.

  6. On the contrary, if you have a supply of fat, then it can be turned into”cubes”. Exercise more on the simulators and you will have a beautiful body.

  7. Schwarzenegger said that ” the abs swing in the kitchen.” This suggests that proper nutrition is of paramount importance over physical training. If you are not an athlete, then you can initially burn for 1 hour of training … about 300-400 kcal, no more… This is not much, for example, an omelet of three eggs with 100 grams of milk, ham, cheese and fried in sunflower (!) oil will give you about 350 kcal… Therefore, physical exercises are very necessary to maintain muscle tone, increase your own metabolite, release testosterone, and maintain health… But on the stomach (abs) they will start to affect you when you gradually reach solid weights, high intensity, consistency and regularity in a year and a half (for example, 5-6 times a week for 1-1. 5 hours daily). Then, with proper nutrition, the right combination of ZHBU, there will be no sagging. Therefore, start by making the right diet (the Internet is full of information), taking your own metabolism as a whole. 1 500 – 2 000 kcal, and going to the gym (fitness) at least three times a week, combining strength training (very gradual and moderate) with cardio. Get started and the right people will show up. May the force be with you!

  8. It is better to go to the doctor, so do not immediately say what you have. But there is an option. Are your abs really pumped up? If it's weak, it's probably because of this. The abdominal muscles are divided into 3 groups. These are the lower, intercostal and internal. Lower and intercostal swings by twisting. But the inner one is just responsible for maintaining the stomach. He swings with the vacuum exercise. If you have really weak abs, then Google these two exercises, or watch them on YouTube. You can fix it in 2 months.

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