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  1. By the way, people ask God a very similar question: “If you brought me into this world and if you are the boss here, then why don't you fulfill all my whims?” The answer is the same. Both parents and God value the freedom of the person they are responsible for. And they give him this very freedom at the moment when he becomes able to accept it and continue to use it independently.

  2. Because the biological and social goal reproductive in general for all living beings is to create viable offspring that can live independently without constant feeding and the like by their parents

  3. Parents do not have the responsibility to fulfill all the wishes of their child. The fact that the child was born on their “whim”, or rather at will, obliges them only to give their future child the most necessary things for life – food, housing, education, relationships. I think this can be traced from the point of view of human rights, family law, but I am not a lawyer, I only assume on the basis of my meager knowledge.�
    �In this case, there is a child-parent relationship, where everyone has their own rights and obligations. I repeat, but I do not think that somewhere in the laws it is prescribed that parents fulfill all the wishes that come to their child's mind. The only thing they are required to do that can be linked specifically to this issue is that parents are responsible for their minor child, for all his misdeeds.
    In this case, if the child does everything that he wants (fulfills all his desires with his own hands), so to speak, fully implements the life given to him by the whim of his parents, then the parents are also responsible for his misdeeds. If the parents do everything that the child wants (and I take this word all in absolute terms, up to murder, for example), then here again the parents are responsible.�
    With the coming of age, all these rights and obligations are removed, because it is assumed that the child is no longer a child, but is quite capable of becoming a parent himself.�
    In this case, you – “a child who is no longer a child”, get much more freedom, because the responsibility for your life now lies only with you due to the fact that you are given the right to work, live where you want, move around, etc.�
    I don't know anyone who doesn't want to be free.
    But if you suddenly think that your parents are obliged to support you, because they gave you life, then you conditionally give your life to them. Become dependent and subordinate, even though you are legally allowed to be free from it.�

    Well, if from the point of view of parents, why do they do this? They gave you life, raised you, and now they're kicking you out of the house – not the way they wanted you to be when they were planning to give you life.

  4. These are instincts.
    And they tell us all(including your parents) not to just fuck everything that moves and have kids.
    In addition, it is necessary to make your offspring competitive in society, give them survival skills. This is called parenting, and it also includes timely ” throwing an overgrown chick out of the nest.”=)
    In addition, this way they have the opportunity to evaluate the outcome of their work and, in case of any problems with the child, correct his behavior and help him while they have the financial and physical opportunity.

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