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  1. Easy. If they don't create what they think is important, but what other people ask for for their convenience. For example, if a person paints a landscape to express some of their feelings, experiences of the view of nature, messages of some deep idea about life, then he remains an artist. And if they are asked to draw just a nice, non-thought-provoking image of nature to take up space on an empty wall, the artist turns into an interior designer.

  2. Maybe, of course.

    And a philosopher can, and an engineer, and a violinist, and even a policeman-anyone can.

    The only factor that (compared to the above –mentioned professions) will make it easier for a painter to enter the design shop is an understanding of the laws of composition. Other skills, I'm afraid, will not be useful to him –the designer does not create beautiful pictures (they may be beautiful, of course, but this is not the goal), but functional products. Even if they look like pictures.

  3. You did not specify design what if �in landshaftnom and architectural design including interior design that easily, it would be a desire, drawing skills in the profession of an interior designer is very important, you have to learn �courses, if the self, to study the soft simple but professional and versatile https://amssoft.ru/interior/ it �will help you learn how to do the projects, to feel the space, effectively to fill it with a drawing of important details, in General, owning one of these prog, technical points will be for pleasure and not will seem complicated.

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