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  1. If you put a macro-brain preparation in front of me, I will not be able to answer exactly whether it is a male brain or a female brain, because individual variability varies much more widely than sexual differences (in other words, although on average a man's brain weighs more than a woman's, while the brain of a particular man may be lighter than the brain of a particular woman).

    But I know what kind of microscopic studies of the drug should be performed in order to determine the gender of the brain with a high degree of probability. And if there is a question about the gender of the detected brain in the referral for examination, the answer to this question will be given.

  2. No, it can't. Or rather, no, I can't. And this applies to any other organ (not counting the pelvic organs). At least the entire organocomplex.

    Well, in practice, if I just get a brain (or any other material at all) on my desk, without a diagnosis, an accompanying referral, then I won't even touch it. There should be a direction for any piece.

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