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  1. Yes, it can. This sometimes happens even without prior preparation – a person suddenly realizes that this is a dream. For example, this mechanism sometimes works in nightmares.

    There are techniques for consciously developing this ability. If you want to learn this art, you can recommend the book “Lucid Dreaming”by Stephen Laberge. There are a number of techniques under other authorship, for example, Carlos Castaneda describes the technique of controlling dreams through “finding hands”. There are even technical developments that allow you to “wake up in a dream” – small devices that do not wake a person, but remind him of the task of awareness in the REM sleep phase, just the phase in which we see “night movies”.

    How much can this ability be developed? The practitioner shows that no one has achieved 100% success in this task yet, but studies have shown that with a certain amount of training, people can achieve lucid dreams up to 8-10 times a month. That is, one night out of four, you can turn on consciousness in a dream.

  2. Often in a dream I realize that I am dreaming and wake up if I don't like the dream. Sometimes, what you see in a dream you realize clearly and just enjoy what you see, something that does not exist: you see a completely realistic landscape around you, in which every blade of grass is natural, you see people indistinguishable from the real ones, you touch a girl and feel the warmth and elasticity of your skin. I once traveled through Paris and saw many sights of this city, except for the Eiffel Tower, which, no matter how much I turned my head, I could not see. My dreams are always unexpected and unpredictable, although they are somehow connected with the past reality. However, I rarely take a dream for reality, rather, as a journey inside my consciousness.

  3. If I had a dream that was filled with very traumatic events, the following happened to me::

    I had a kind of “dream within a dream” situation, a “double dream” situation. I would start to dream that I would wake up feeling relieved that it was just a dream.

  4. I realize that I'm dreaming-it starts to cause panic …I had a feeling that I wouldn't wake up …I tried to force myself to wake up-but it doesn't help …I wake up-in a dream…the reality ,people,and environment are changing …but at the same time,I do not forget what happened in the last dream and try to wake up again …such dreams in a dream can be 4-5…and after realizing that I can't wake up in reality, it becomes creepy …the pain doesn't help.the sensations are very blunted …after trying to wake up(no matter how stupid it may sound-I bit my hand and tried to pinch my leg with all my might…not to mention trying to stab myself with something sharp) after returning to reality, I found bruises …

    in the case of nightmares,I don't say anything at all …

    tell me the most effective ways to wake up …and is there any way to get rid of this ?

  5. Yes, it can. I don't know what it depends on, but at one time I could quickly understand what is in a dream (for example, strange people, situations, unnatural landscape, etc.) and create there what my heart desires. Unfortunately, at the same time as the beautiful lucid dreams, I was suffering from sleep paralysis. Then it all went away – lucid dreams and paralysis. Perhaps all this was due to the so-called stress.

    P.S. if you suffer from sleep paralysis and during it you can not wake up for a long time, just click your tongue. This method helps me 100%)

  6. In the dream, the image is slightly different, more blurry, well, for me, at least. If you can't tell from the image whether it's a dream or reality, then there are two tricks. First, stretch your arms out in front of you and look at them. In a dream, the fingers on your hands will start to wriggle, move, as if the texture is buggy :))) This movement is almost 100% noticeable, but if in doubt: look at your watch, remember the time on it, and avert your eyes. Look at the clock again, the time will be different in a way that is unrealistic in real life.

  7. Yes, it can. This is called lucid dreaming. To get there, a person needs to concentrate hard all day. Then go to bed in the usual position: the body is straight, hands at the sides. You can't open your eyes at the same time.

  8. Of course it can. It happened several times. The most unpleasant thing is being in a dream and realizing that you are sleeping, try to wake yourself up. I've done this before, but only a couple of times.

  9. I think so.This has happened to me before.

    I remember dreaming that I was going home in the evening,and suddenly I was being chased.I run as fast as I can to get away from the robbers. Then I see a red car and run behind it so they don't see me.And sitting behind the car, I realize that this is a dream.

  10. To realize that a person is sleeping and what is happening to him is a dream, of course, you can)) I once had a completely stupid dream where some fat girl was insistently rubbing me some nonsense, while devouring dumplings. When I got tired of listening to her, I said (without waking up): “so, I'm tired of this, let me dream of something else”, turned over on the other side and that's it, the dream changed at the same time. This is not so rare for me personally, but this case amused me.

  11. I've had this happen a few times. The sensations are indescribable. Once, when I realized that everything was definitely happening in a dream, and for any actions I would definitely get nothing, I was transported to the subway and jumped over the entrance openings (still old-fashioned), which slammed shut behind me,and played a familiar melody. Just before that, I saw a video where the guy alternately “closed” them like this. In general, it was very fun and funny. By the way, the grandmother who was sitting on the post was very swearing. ))

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