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  1. If a person is familiar with the effects of drugs, of course, they will immediately recognize them. Accurate to the class at least.

    So a drinker is unlikely to confuse the state of alcoholic intoxication with something else.

  2. For many years of past experience of drug use, I was always aware that I drugged at least I understood the responsibility for the consequences of their Affairs, just often it seemed to me that I'm superior to others because it could get out of almost any situation and find the answer to those things about which you even never knew, because awareness really is expanded at the time of the action or other psychoactive substances.

    The whole sadness is that there are terrible consequences after the abuse of a narcotic substance and then when it lets go I was at the very bottom, I would even say the bottom emotionally and physically, so I went for another dose again.

    I don't remember losing my awareness of being drugged.

  3. If he didn't get psychotic because of an overdose, then of course he can. I can't say anything for the opiate world. In the case of the use of strong hallucinogens, there are also cases that the drug user understood that he was experiencing a trip, when others in similar conditions fell completely into an illusory reality.

  4. Usually people take drugs for this purpose, so that they can be under their influence and realize it, otherwise what is the point? If you mean to put drugs on a person without their knowledge, will they understand that they are under the action of a drug? (Achtung!!! This should not be done in any case). Most likely-yes, if a person is not stupid, he will understand immediately, just as he understands that he is under the influence of alcohol (alcohol is also a drug). Most often, a person immediately notices an altered state of consciousness.

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