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  1. Yes, it can. After the accident, there was a fracture of the right hip with displacement of fragments, during the operation I woke up three times… The first time I woke up, when they put the nail of the guncher, it turns out that they beat it out with a hammer in the bone, it was from the blows that I woke up, I didn't want to yell, but for some reason I wanted to return the body higher. And I tried to crawl, but the surgeon noticed this action and in a second I again saw the beautiful anesthesiologist above me, who smiled sweetly and sent me back to the realm of sleep! The second time I woke up was when the bone fragments were being returned to their places, the doctors were telling jokes in between and I laughed,I don't remember the joke myself, but it was funny, I was burned again. Meet the beautiful anaesthetist again, exchange smiles and visit the realm of sleep again! The third time I woke up while the incisions were being stitched up, this time I woke up in pain(as far as I remember), but the surgeon was an unwavering, angry guy, who, apparently, was already pretty tired of me with my insomnia, so he somehow spat at me maliciously, saying, well, don't yell here, or else they didn't want to sleep! And he told me to be patient, saying that there was only a little bit left, just a couple of stitches and don't yell there! So I endured, there was nowhere to go, the screen blocked off the operation site from my curious eye and no matter how hard I tried to look out from behind it, the length of my neck was only enough to slightly raise my clumsy head above the couch, but since my head seemed extremely heavy, I could hold it in this position for half a second. In short, you do not wake up better until the end of the operation, you will still not be able to watch it, but you will only suffer!

  2. Yes, I had a similar situation. To me toga cut out adenoids + tonsils + cyst. In general, a complex operation under general anesthesia. When the adenoids are cut out, a lot of blood is spilled out, and if a person is under general anesthesia, he will choke on his blood. To do this, insert a tube deep into the throat through which you breathe calmly. I woke up right after the operation. I was very scared and started to breathe quickly, but something wildly interfered in my throat and I couldn't breathe. A little(just a little) I opened my eye and saw the doctor and nurses, they were rubbing something(I couldn't hear clearly). I thought I was shouting for help, but no one heard me. After a while, the phone was pulled out and I began to breathe. When it was necessary to move from the table to the gurney, I really tried to help the doctors and said “I'll do it myself.” In fact, no one heard me, and I didn't move at all. My body was completely paralyzed, but I could hear and understand everything. It was a little scary)

  3. Yes. This phenomenon is called 'intranarctic awakening'. A person wakes up during surgery, but they cannot move ( because anesthesia paralyzes the person's body).

  4. I was half-awake during the operation, my eyes wouldn't open, but I could still feel something turning inside me, like I was a closet. I thought I was shouting, but I was barely whispering: I'm in pain, I'm in pain. The surgeon even heard it and said: well, what to do, be patient! Then I forgot: I must have been drugged.

  5. Once the doctors thought I had appendicitis and I was rushed to the operating room. I was under an epidural anaesthetic, meaning I shouldn't have felt anything below my chest, but the doctors were so mad at me that they wanted to go home, and they brought me here that they didn't take my mumbled “I can feel my stomach” very seriously and started cutting it. Then my scream, their panic and “more anesthesia!!!”

    And in the morning, by the way, I was told that the appendix was not inflamed and they were mistaken.

  6. They had surgery on the leg veins. Epidural anesthesia. Of course I didn't sleep. On the next table is a friend who also has varicose veins. I ask him, ” Fyodoritch, how are you?” He didn't answer. And the surgeon said to me, ” It's all right, Major. We'll be done in half an hour. Don't distract me.” I say: “I'm sorry, Valery Fedorovich, I'm not for you.” And about feelings: everything is felt, only the pain is dull. But to move, it is unlikely.

  7. It was similar in the movie “Narcosis” in 2007

    The main character is given anesthesia,but he does not fall asleep, hears and understands everything, although he cannot speak or move.�

    A very interesting film with an unexpected ending)

  8. It is possible that if this happens, it is purely an error of the anesthesiologist. I didn't calculate the dose, and so on.�

    Modern operating rooms are equipped with BIS monitors that assess the depth of anesthesia. �This is what concerns the awakening.�

    Feeling of pain. Okay, if you wake up and don't feel pain, but when you sleep and feel pain, it's completely different. When a person feels pain, a number of reflex reactions follow in the form of increased pressure (the pressure may be low due to the action of an anesthetic) , tachycardia. The anesthesiologist can also focus on this.

    And why can't you move, because relaxants were introduced to intubate the trachea and perform surgery.

    So the key to good anesthesia is lack of sleep, pain, and complete muscle relaxation!

  9. They had an eye operation – scleroplasty. I started to wake up, my eye was open, and various spots were visible, in which I could distinguish surgeons and certain elements of the operating room environment. I fell asleep immediately. I have vague memories of almost waking up a couple of times and hearing the question ” can you hear me?” then he fell asleep again.

  10. This phenomenon is called “intronarctic awakening”. This happens annually in about 4% of the operated patients. I advise you to watch a very cool movie “Anesthesia”, where everything is described in vain. A little creepy, to be honest..

  11. During the operation, your condition is monitored by blood pressure, pulse, and saturation sensors. At the slightest change, the anesthesiologist uses additional doses of drugs. Incorrect dosage calculation is possible, but it is quickly stopped.

  12. Recently, I had a second caesarean section,7 years after the first one,I don't know what they did to me this time,but I felt and heard everything, the pain was terrible, I heard everything the doctors said, how the baby was taken out and he was crying, and how everyone was sewing, it was hell, and I couldn't move and open my eyes,and my breath was coming

  13. During the operation, under general anesthesia, I could hear the entire course of the operation, but I could not move, not blink, not breathe. As a result, from these experiences I received a heart attack. The doctor didn't believe me at first,but when I told him the whole operation process and what tools he used, he returned me all the money I paid him

  14. The gallbladder was removed by laparoscopy. I woke up in the middle of the operation, at first I heard the doctor's voice asking for a clip from the resident, then I started to move my tongue, but from the fact that there was a tube with a mask in my mouth, no one saw my movements, after some time I was able to move my thumb on my right hand and the doctors saw my signal), the last thing I remember before adding anesthesia is the doctor's question-I wonder if she hasn't been sleeping for a long time?)))).

  15. In general, I think there is a wake-up during the operation. I've had a similar experience, though perhaps not quite fitting the question asked. In 2011, just a week before the new year, I was terribly twisted from pain in the stomach and concomitant vomiting for the whole day. I thought it was poisoning, but as it turned out later, appendicitis. They were taken to the hospital, then immediately to the operating room. They laid them out on the table, tied my limbs so I wouldn't accidentally injure the medics, inserted a catheter into my vein, by the way, only the second time, the first time they managed to miss and awarded me with a huge bruise in the elbow area. Then the anaesthetist gives me a cube of anaesthetic, and it was like a miracle, in an instant the terrible pain went away and I felt as good as if I had smoked a joint of high-quality marijuana. And I'm lying in such a state, you can say “high”, and I'm not going to fall asleep at all – I feel good) After some time, the surgeon commands the anesthesiologist “Put another cube, you can't cut down such an elephant with one cube.” Enter the second one and I swam. As it seemed to me, I dozed off for a maximum of 10 minutes, and woke up when they started to untie my hand. Noticing this, the nurse says to me, like nichosi, you're already awake, then let's get on the gurney. I did just that, rolled over on top of her, after naturally looking under the sheets and making sure that the incision was taped up on the lower right side of my stomach, and they took me to the ward. I couldn't focus on anything, so I squinted one eye to see the room and objects. When I found a guy with my eyes, I asked him for a phone call, which caused him a small shock and the question, ” you're just from the operation, why aren't you sleeping?”, I told my relatives that I was fine and only after that I disconnected!

    In general, I advise you to watch a movie called Anesthesia. I think you will find the answer to the question in it!

  16. I had an operation on my elbow. Anesthesia was removed during the operation. I couldn't move or open my eyes, but I could see through the slits. I felt an unpleasant grinding of bones and heard the doctors talking. I was very scared. Then they probably added anaesthesia. In short, the nightmare still dreams like in a horror movie. I did a second operation for money because of this.

  17. Can. Basically, this happens during cesarean sections – they try to give anesthesia to a minimum, so as not to harm the child so much, and it turns out like this. But it also happens during other operations. It also happens that a person wakes up, can not move, but does not feel anything, but this, of course, is not so scary.

  18. I would like to argue with the answers above.From personal experience. I myself underwent (!) 27 operations under general anesthesia, 6 under local, I visit hospitals and operating rooms on CD. From personal experience, the body eventually gets used to drugs, sorry, to anesthesia and the effect weakens, you no longer feel such a strong influence, already for 10 (meaning general anesthesia) times it stops throwing up like on a boat in a storm, by 15 your head no longer hurts and you can control your body quite well with a strong desire, without feeling like after a heavy drink, and by 20 anesthesia you will already forget about any “consequences” of anesthesia.

    This is what I'm all about, somewhere around the 10th operation, I remember already poorly, it's been more than 10 years, I woke up on the operating table, while I was, roughly speaking, being opened. I didn't feel any pain, but I could hear and see everything perfectly. Anesthesia is designed to make a person stop feeling physical pain for a while, and accordingly, until he “sees” the possible cause of his pain, which, oddly enough, does not exist for him, he will not feel it. And he will hear it anyway, it's just that it's not stored in memory, Google it, you'll find a lot of information

  19. I've experienced this twice. I think the situation itself is not unique. Here it is important to understand what it means to wake up. The first time was eight years ago during a caesarean section, general anesthesia. At some point, I “wake up” with the feeling of a “white sheet” While feeling all my toes and hands. I could hear people swarming around me. Apparently sewed up. And the son was already taken away. For some reason,it was necessary to make it clear that I was awake, even moving my fingers, on my hands and feet. It's so funny-you gather, you concentrate, you bend the index finger on your right hand – and it doesn't bend!!! Then, apparently, they realized that the patient was not sleeping, so they put him back to sleep. But I didn't ask for trouble later, and no one told me. I remembered for a long time

    I had another minor operation this summer, and I definitely woke up. I felt like I was being cut. The pain was only on the topmost layer of skin, like a normal cut. I thought, well, maybe I dreamed, you never know. But in the end, the suture turned out to be slightly higher than I expected, just like the sensations of “sleep” Are not so terrible, the doctors are monitoring your condition

  20. Maybe even hoo-hoo!

    In 2005, he had the displeasure of having a difficult broken collarbone with a misalignment, falling off a skate.

    Omitting a lot of unnecessary details, I'll go straight to the pulp. With wax. Anesthesia was injected into the nerve in the area between the clavicle and neck (I'm not a doctor, so xs, whatever it's called), which was kick-ass as painful in itself. They didn't wear a mask. So, I felt EVERYTHING! Slaughtering me with a scalpel, drilling into my collarbone, pulling it out and setting it, and then inserting a needle into the bone and suturing it seemed like a complete nonsense! The feeling of drilling a bone into the enemy is not desirable, in this procedure, time seemed to freeze, in order to somehow distract myself from this incredible dull pain, I just began to count to myself, it seemed that it lasts indefinitely. This slasher was seasoned with the inhuman, bearish howl of a dude being operated on in a nearby operating room, who was being inserted with a bolt in his elbow (at this point, I want to note that, unlike me, he was being given general anesthesia).

    I managed to relax the buns only after, in the ward, after a shock dose of diphenhydramine in the ass.

    Something like that.

  21. My mother-in-law recently had an operation and she woke up in the process, could not move or speak, but she heard the doctors talking and felt something. I think she didn't have the most pleasant impressions from this.

  22. I woke up during an operation for appendicitis, when they were already sewing it up. I didn't feel any pain in the place where the action itself was taking place, but my throat was very sore and I was choking, I started to jerk my hands, they noticed me and pulled out something that made it difficult to breathe.
    It would have been better if I hadn't woken up, in short, as they later told me, they pulled out the tube, which is inserted up to the very mother don't spoil it, in order to artificially ventilate the lungs (or something like that). This was very painful and unpleasant.

  23. I had a complicated kidney operation that lasted more than four hours, I was still in elementary school, I was no more than eight. I remember when I woke up during the operation, I couldn't move, but there was a terrible feeling that they were digging into you, as if the kidney was being pulled out and the tubules were stretching. It's hard to compare it with anything, but it's not a pleasant feeling. When they saw that I wasn't sleeping, they knocked me out again.

  24. I've had three knee replacements, and I've been working on my PKS. I woke up every time. I didn't feel anything, just the way my body shook when something was hammered into it. I felt my fingers, tapped SOS, and my sense of humor sharpened. Then I fell asleep again.

  25. Yes, I had it like that. I have a strong body and the dose was not enough, so during the operation on my shoulder, I opened my eyes, seeing faces in masks above me and the words ” … it's not enough for him, they gave him a hike, there are reactions… �WHAT ARE YOU DOING! … Give him another dose, he's not out yet… Come on… to Vienna…”

    After 3 hours, I woke up in my private room, my arm was aching ottratilno, it was adapted to some thing for pumping liquids, and the arm was poorly secured… But the worst part was when I was flipping through my personal issue of “Playboy” and didn't have sex for a long time – I decided to do a little handshaking in my personal shower… As I got up, sat down, I felt a very nasty feeling in my hand and the feeling that the hand itself is about to come off. But I got out of my bunk and went to the shower… But there was a smooth tile, very smoothly washed, my head was spinning, and I slipped there. It was creepy, I remember in the word-mo, but I grabbed the bathroom with my good hand, preventing myself from falling. I did the job, and that's probably why my shoulder grew crookedly together…

  26. I already wrote an answer to a similar question(I don't know how to insert a link):

    I woke up a couple of minutes after the start of the cesarean section under general anesthesia in/in. I couldn't breathe myself (intubation), I was completely paralyzed (I didn't even blink, my pupils didn't react to the light, otherwise I think they would have noticed that I wasn't sleeping). I heard all the conversations, as my daughter began to cry (hoarsely and not immediately). Yelling out loud in pain, it turns out, mentally. When they sewed it up, glory to G-d finally fainted from the pain. But almost immediately they woke me up, because I woke up when they put on a blindfold. They told me that I could go to bed, but I immediately remembered everything I had experienced, and I was shaking all the way on the gurney to the ward. The operation lasted 40 minutes.

    I warned the anesthesiologist and obstetrician that I had a large amount of muscle mass and weak sensitivity to painkillers – they laughed and said that everything would be fine. After the operation, both doctors came into the room and just chuckling asked me what I remembered. I answered: “Everything.” And she told me what they had said, what they had done… Both turned white and crawled out of the ward without saying a word, and I didn't see them again.

    It was ' 98, October, the day of the All-Russian strike of state employees. And now “waking up under anesthesia” is my nightmare come to life. I have to do one operation for the third year, I refuse. I won't dare “trust”myself anymore.

  27. Yes, it can.

    my sister had a second Caesarean section in 2008. the nurse is full, the anesthesiologist worked after a wonderful holiday on March 8, not in adequate condition. they gave her an insufficient dose of anesthesia for her weight.

    according to her sister, at some point she began to hear voices. she says there was an awful lot of swearing because her blood pressure was so high that the doctors couldn't lower it. she couldn't move, and when they started sewing her up, she started to feel a stabbing pain and tried to moan. they started swearing even more and sewing it up faster. that was adok.

  28. In fact, sometimes everything is not as scary as many people write. Completely, just to feel the pain, you can hardly come to your senses. Had knee surgery and woke up during it. All I remember is opening my eyes and the doctors are all around me, and everyone is looking at me, and the girl says: “Hi,” he puts the mask on me and I fall asleep again. It was fun. I couldn't feel anything, I couldn't hear anything clearly, and I couldn't even see clearly. I realized that I shouldn't have been afraid to wake up during the operation. Anyway, I shouldn't have been afraid.

  29. To stay conscious during the operation, lie down on the one where general anesthesia is not needed 🙂 For example, surgery with epidural (spinal) anesthesia. Then you can watch and hear what the doctors are doing (but as a rule, you don't see the operation process directly, because you are surrounded by a screen). But the sensations from such partial anesthesia are very different. In one case, you can lie half asleep, get high and count crows, in another case, feel completely helpless, unable to control your lower limbs, nausea from the drug administered and in total – panic, as it was with me at the last operation on my ankle. All this probably depends on the composition of the anesthesia administered and the skill of the anesthesiologist.

  30. I played soccer once and got a dislocated fracture. Surgery, general anesthesia, everything. Suddenly I wake up, see a bright light, looked at the doctors, I don't remember exactly whether I could move my head or not(in my opinion, I could), or only moved my eyes, but I can say with confidence that there was no pain, although I clearly felt the presence of moving medical instruments in the joint, and the sensation itself is more like tickling. �They noticed that I was staring at them, gave little sign of it, and probably gave me more, since I was falling asleep again in a minute. A few years later, I had another operation, but this time on my knee. Complex meniscal tear. The doctors had to wander around the knee joint in search of broken pieces. I don't remember the name of the anesthesia itself, but I was completely burdened from the waist down, but I was conscious and my hands were working. The doctors spent 2 hours cutting, stitching, searching, removing, and so on, and the sensation was absolutely identical. Just a tickle , but it feels like it's being tickled inside you, and with metal

  31. I woke up during knee surgery. The sensations were strange – there was no pain, but I felt all the touches of hands/tools perfectly. I realized that the bone is also sensitive to touch (or was it a glitch?..)�

    It was also fun to look at the surgeon's work through a camera inserted through an incision in the joint, so that you could see better – the monitor was just in front of your eyes. The anesthesiologist looked at me so reproachfully-like, well, what the fuck did I wake up for – and twisted the IV.

  32. Maybe, but this is a mistake of the anesthesiologist, since he did not provide full anesthesia for the duration of the operation. Even if you wake up from general anesthesia, the recovery of motor functions and sensitivity does not occur immediately, but gradually, over several hours (3-5). In the case of local anesthesia, spiral or other types of anesthesia are used (depending on which part of the body the operation is performed). Spiral anesthesia is when an anesthetic is inserted into the subarachnoid space during a lumbar puncture, and pulse transmission is blocked at the level of the spinal nerve roots (an injection is made in the back and the transmission of nerve impulses to the lower part of the trunk is turned off, that is, it paralyzes a person below the waist). During the operation, a person does not sleep, hears the doctors ' conversations, feels smells, but at the same time the state is so weak that you can control your hands with great difficulty, and it is extremely difficult to speak, the state is half-asleep, you seem to hear everything and can talk a little, but you sleep at the same time. So even if you leave general anesthesia, I think you will not be able to recover quickly, so you will not have time to panic and feel pain, and the condition will be similar to the state after spinal anesthesia. In any case, an anesthesiologist is present during the operation, who takes all actions so that you do not feel pain and do not interfere with the surgeons with your movements. If you start to move away from anesthesia, the doctors will have time to react and put you back into a state of sleep, so you should not worry, the quality of anesthesia performed now is such that the probability of an emergency situation is extremely low.

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