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  1. The greatness of a person is determined not by his position, which changes over time, but by the ultimate goal of life. And Pushkin, and the Mask and who is there “great”, will be forgotten in time. Material goals bring temporary results.

  2. As long as you consider yourself ordinary , you can't become great. You are who you feel you are. Greatness is not defined by achievement for everyone, and the world has changed much less than it seems.

    As for achievements – if you need it, then you will do it. It is more important to be careful with your wishes – they are fulfilled.

  3. Astrology excludes this possibility. It does this in the sense that the birth of a great man is predetermined. The stars will show this ( not to everyone, but to be more precise, very, very few astrologers with a highly developed consciousness and intuition).

    “Ordinary person” is not a definite concept. This is someone like. It looks ordinary, but you start to communicate-unusual. Some people won't even pay attention to that. As a rule, a person is not aware of his place in the incarnation. And the one who is “marked” by God does not fool himself with such topics at all. He has a goal that he doesn't even set for himself.

  4. First, you should ask yourself what it means to become great. Greatness is not about popularity or the amount of money in your Swiss account. Nikola Tesla was a great scientist, Alexander Pushkin was a great poet, Mstislav Rostropovich was a great musician, Useit Bolt, Bjorndalen, Mike Tyson were great athletes. and many were from poor classes, achieved success themselves, without a lot of money.

    Is Elon Musk great? What great things did he do? It is precisely the example of Elon Musk that makes young people think that you can become great only for a lot of money, because Elon Musk was not from a simple family, not from a poor class. He did not create, did not invent anything new, all his technologies were invented before he was born. It's just that he's a skilled adventurer with connections to the American establishment. All of his companies are currently in huge debts to investors, and these debts are covered from the state budget. Musk is only needed as an advertisement for the greatness of the United States over other countries.

  5. Yes, it can. But “an inexplicable urge to do something and a strong desire to change the world” should be in large numbers. Then this quantity will turn into quality. There is a certain amount of slyness here: these “cravings” and” desires ” already take the individual out of the ordinary category.

    However, even with a very strong desire, very few people become great, just as few people win the lottery. Reading and listening about the first personal computer made in the garage and the further dizzying Apple story, most people do not think that many thousands of such stories ended up in garages. Nevertheless, go ahead, as one great man said, ” we need to get into a fight, and then we'll see what happens!”.:)

  6. You are definitely confusing the two concepts, great and successful.

    The great ones are Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Alexander the Great, Peter the Great, Lenin. I think a few names are quite enough to understand what we are talking about when we talk about greatness. Don't let the last name bother anyone. To make a grand revolution and create the first socially-oriented state in history, you need to be a genius. A genius and his actions do not have to be liked by everyone, and the opinions of “ordinary people” are of little interest to the forces that drive the world and evolution.

    Truly great representatives of the human race are born great, in the sense that they already have a purpose given from above and they are endowed with everything necessary to fulfill it-intelligence, strength, intuition, talents, etc.

    For those who just want to change the world, the best advice I've ever heard is that if you want to change the world, start with yourself. It has a lot more wisdom than it might seem at first glance.

  7. You say that a person has no talent, but this is not true, everyone has a talent. Yes, I do not dispute it is very specific, some have useful talents. But there are also useless ones.

    The chance that your talent will become necessary for the rest of society is 0.2%, the chance that you will choose an innovative profession that will allow you to rise is 0.1 % and even with talent and luck, we have 0.3% to become Great. quite a small number, but according to statistics, every 20,000 children are capable of this. in the variant from 0.1-1.3%, that's the answer to simple math.

    If you have an ability in something, develop it, no matter what, in the future it will still be useful to you )

    Good luck

  8. What for? More precisely, for what? After all, the greatness that already exists is quite enough.Not understanding this is another matter.But every goal encourages the choice of road.

  9. It can! But from which side to look at what greatness means to you. A great man, a King, once remarked 3000 years ago::

    “And I turned, and saw under the sun that it was not the swift that got success, nor the valiant that got victory, nor the wise that got bread, nor the wise that got riches, nor the skilful that got favor, but time and opportunity for all of them” (Ecclesiastes 9:11).

    Question? What's the point of spending time and effort trying to become great in the eyes of people if the chances are not so great? Moreover, even if you are lucky, as the richest man of your time observes, the real meaning of a person's life is to acquire a good name from God,

    “A good name is better than an expensive suit, and the day of death is better than the day of birth” (Ecclesiastes 7: 1).

    Why is the day of death better than the day of birth? Because the newborn doesn't have a good reputation yet. The book of his life is still completely blank. The result of his life's journey will be a good or bad reputation. From this point of view, for those who have gained a good name by the end of their lives, the day of death is really better than the day of birth. Besides, getting a good name from God is worth it, and not a single one of our spiritual treasures will be lost:

    “Stop hoarding your treasures in a land where moth and rust eat and where thieves break in and steal. And accumulate for yourselves treasures in the sky, where neither moth nor rust eats, and where thieves do not enter and steal. For where your treasure is, your heart will be there. (Matthew 6: 19-21)

    What do you need to do to get a good name from God? The Bible responds.

  10. Can. I have an example of a person who was able to go public. He started from scratch. He lived in the provinces and eventually bought an apartment in Moscow and in the Moscow region. He's written a book, he makes a good living, and he knows a lot. He has a great sense of humor and raises his son as a single father and doesn't get upset about it. Plus, his life has gone uphill. Now he works in real estate.

  11. Read Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich” – in this book you will find all the answers to your questions. And yes, a small spoiler: An ordinary person can become great, regardless of social status, financial status, appearance and age.

  12. Did you forget to ask where? There is one option in Russia, another in Europe, and so on.

    For example, in Russia, it is not possible for an ordinary person to become great. The great one has his own children. In Russia of the past, it was real, but today it is not.

  13. Someone correctly said here that first of all it is necessary to define what it means to be great.

    In the mind of the layman, the word “great” has a positive connotation.That is, a person has done such good to humanity, to people, that his name remains in their grateful memory. This does not take into account that, first of all, what is done for the benefit of some does not mean that it is done for the benefit of all. The vital interests of people, strata, societies, and countries are all different. And having done for the benefit of some, it is quite possible to do to the detriment of others. And while some consider Franco, Hitler, and Stalin, like many of our contemporaries, great, others curse them as enemies of the human race.

    Second, life is changing. And what was previously recognized as worthy of imitation (great), in another era it may not be considered such.

    Third, few people know what was done to achieve a result that is reflected in the memory of posterity as great – how much treachery, meanness, victims and even murders, etc. Only the front side is exposed, and how much dirt is behind it is hidden.

    It is better not to become great, but simply to live your only life so that your conscience does not torment you.

  14. As far as I remember, I had an IQ below average, about 80-90 (according to the Flash version of the Eysenck test). Later, there were graphic tests where you need to insert the missing image into a 3-by-3 matrix. As I grew up and became interested in puzzles, similar tests began to produce higher and higher scores, until the latter reached the limit for these tests of 140 points — the “Mensa level”.

    From this, I can conclude that IQ tests evaluate a person's ability to solve problems from IQ tests. Indirectly, this may indicate that the human brain is trained, but only in very narrow subject areas. That's probably all.

    As for the social status of parents, yes, this is an important factor. Together with upbringing, environment and a bunch of random circumstances, everything together forms a person almost completely. Most of the time, a person flounders in these circumstances, trying to survive and adapt, and thus gains their experience, their interests and even beliefs. Everyone we remember, good or bad, is somehow imprinted in our memory and influenced us.

    Does this mean that everything is decided for us?

    Not always. Everything is decided for us only if we do not make any decisions ourselves and wait for others to make them for us. We used to accept it, it worked, that's what we've become! I want it to continue like this. But let the solutions be what we want them to be!

    But this is the disadvantage of other people's decisions: they are not ours, and we do not make them. By relying on other people's handouts, we lose control of our lives and simply float where the waves of other people's decisions push us. Like a log in the sea.

    So: there are people-logs, and there are people-ships. A ship differs from a log by having a crew that sets the ship's course. The crew can row or control the sail, rotate the steering wheel, and give commands. All this allows the ship to keep the course planned by the captain, regardless of where the wind blows or waves beat.

    Yes, the ship has some factory specifications and limitations.

    Yes, this ship is inferior in its speed, maneuverability, and capacity to more expensive models.

    But he can walk on the sea. And that's what the captain cares about. The task of the captain is to ensure the movement of the ship from point A to point B. He takes the ship's structure for granted and works with it. The rest is in his hands.

    If the captain bitterly lamented that others had better ships, then he would not have had the time or energy to go anywhere. He would still be sitting on the beach.

    But the captain does not whine, but gets down to business. And he's doing something.

    It is the same with a person who is not gifted from birth.

    Don't have enough brainpower?�We solve puzzles until it starts to work out. We Google solutions, ask for advice, and try again.

    No education? We go to learn what we lack. It's never too late to learn. I'm still plugging holes in my professional outlook and I'm not going to stop it.

    Don't know how to start a business? We read business books. For example, from the series “for dummies”. You can start with some motivational book like Kiyosaki. Such literature turns the brain upside down. And then, when your heart is on fire, you can take something more serious.

    Need specialist help? We ask for it from those who can help. As they say, the language will bring you to Kiev.

    Is something else missing? Finding out how to get it legally.

    At the university, we took an interesting course called TRIZ – “theory of inventive problem solving”. The course was only one semester long, but it gave me some good ideas about how to use my brain to find a solution to almost any problem. You may also be interested in it. Very useful for general development.

    I also suggest listening to Will Smith's speech on failure.

  15. Theoretically, it can, but you need to keep in mind something that all sorts of coaches do not talk about, because their goal is to make money from naive suckers. But scientific psychologists talk about these things. For example, there is such a survivor's error — when we know how many people have become great, but we don't know how many have not become, and there may be a majority of them. Plus, keep in mind that not everything depends on you, and perhaps the person became great thanks to chance. And so on

  16. Not only can, but must – this is the purpose of absolutely every soul. Not everyone only uses and embodies their potencies correctly.

    If a person realizes the powers given to him from birth according to the Will of God, the Supreme Will, according to their hints and guidance, “greatness” awaits him as an inevitable result. Only he will perceive this as deeply secondary and as if taken for granted, deeply feeling that this is not his personal “merit”, but a gift from God.

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