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  1. I believe that rights are a purely human construct, a subject of mutual agreement. Therefore, there are no animal rights in the same sense as we talk about human rights.

    When we give animals rights, we are really just taking rights away from humans unilaterally. It is not the animal that has the right to live, it is the human that has no right to cause suffering to the animal for fun.�

    After all, if an animal had the right to live, the question would arise-what to do with predators? Consider them delinquents? Not to mention raising animals for slaughter.

    The problem is not that the animal dies, the problem is that a person who takes pleasure in the suffering of others is unpleasant to us, even if it is the suffering of an animal, and we would like to reduce the number of such people as possible.

  2. I recently read “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari and it just touched upon the role of ” fictional reality “(common myths) in human evolution, which was invented by some of the “Homo” (and there were quite a few of us then). One of them at the present time is the human right (along with religions, laws, rules, etc.) that are not related to the laws of nature.


    A group of primates of up to 50 individuals can be coordinated and managed independently without a leader, cases of up to 100 individuals have been recorded (due to the fact that all individuals know what to expect from each other), up to 150 primates with a pronounced leader, and a group of more than 150 individuals has broken up and organized several small groups. There are 50 people in the company, there are already more than 1,255 individual relationships) and to unite them, you need a fictional reality (a common myth) – God, the law, the charter and various kinds of “rights” and duties-that will unite these and now billions of other people.

    P. s. Well, yes, the answer to the question:

    Animals can't have rights, they don't need them.

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