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  1. Definitely yes.

    Today, creative people are needed in all areas. After all, content is new money, content is more expensive than money.

    If you have a high level and people are willing to pay money for it, then you can build a business on it.

    Of course, this is the most difficult part-again, starting, entering a market where no one knows you yet and is not ready to pay money. You need to be sure that someone will need your product. After all, we are talking about art that does not need to be sold, but it sells itself.

  2. A business can be any activity that has a demand. If people are willing to pay for something, then you can make money from it. But! Here you should immediately say that there may be big difficulties with monetization. For example, I have a relatively popular podcast about entrepreneurship, where I sometimes tell you something useful. There is an audience, but only dubious firms that offered to advertise “investments with a yield of 300%” applied from sponsors. I don't consider myself the best of the best, so I understand that the reason for the lack of normal monetization sources is hidden in the fact that my podcast is not good enough.

    What am I talking about? In some areas, the situation is such that only the best of the best can earn income there. Unfortunately, it seems to me that art can be safely recorded in this category. Only those people who were able to make their “name”earn money there.

  3. I think you can do business ON art, but you can't make art a business, because at this point it will simply cease to be art :). That is, if the author of the work thinks about profit as a priority goal, then this is business, and if he thinks about self-expression, then this is art. Another thing is that in the second case, large profits can be generated, but not everything where there is money is a business 🙂

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