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  1. it seems to me, if you simplify it, this is a question from the series: when is it better to leave the table: only after tasting the dishes, having whetted your appetite or having had enough.�

    I am in favor of going out (crawling out), already sated. having experienced all the sensations, having tried everything that I wanted to try. without being left with the idea that so much has not been tried, felt and experienced. so that when the whole life flies before your eyes, it took not a second, but at least a few minutes and the feeling that you were born not in vain.

  2. It depends on how you die. You can die with dignity and honor, covering a fascist pillbox. And you can die in disgrace-under the baseboard or drunk under the fence.

    Life is always evaluated by the “last round”

  3. Taoists write that you should die young, but as late as possible. It follows that they did recognize death, at least because of voluntary withdrawal from life, since a young organism cannot die from natural causes.�

    One of the cardinal achievements of their eternal youth technique was the bone respiration technique, in which the bone marrow regenerated to the state of red blood cells, that is, it became capable of hematopoiesis anew. This achievement gave the adept the opportunity to continue not to worry about the limited time of knowledge and opened up access to long-maturing techniques and various symphonies of settings.�

    This is understandable, everything is not seen among our everyday life, but who of our friends has made an effort to this issue?

  4. You “can't” find out until you ” die))) I advise you to “live to” old age to ” compare. Because �then �you will �in �know �all� ages and can� to compare what �� is� benefits

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