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  1. Let's understand the concepts:
    A university is an educational organization of higher education.
    A college is a professional educational organization where you can get a secondary professional education.
    A faculty is an educational, scientific, and administrative division of a university.
    You can ignore its name, because the content of the training program is important, and the faculty can be called anything.

    After completing 9 classes and college, you can enter a university even for a budget place in the entrance exams (not the Unified State Exam). Most often, you need to pass the same subjects as the Unified State Exam. And they depend on the specific educational program.�

    For example, the Higher School of Economics needs results in history, foreign languages, Russian and history, while St. Petersburg State University needs results in history, Russian and social studies. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance in which university what subjects will need to be taken.

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