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  1. You can't guess here in absentia. Because OCD is about the same as depression – there is only one term, and there may be several states behind it. Including physiologically conditioned ones, which psychotherapeutically will not break through anything, only pharmacology.

    But in general, yes, you can. If you're lucky. Since you are most likely not a psychodiagnostic, and you can't say anything for sure without an examination, it remains to rely on luck and try to work independently.

  2. It all depends on each specific case – some people are lucky and find their own way to get rid of OCD, but the vast majority of people need help. Unfortunately, there is an opinion that psychological problems can be solved by pharmacology (this understanding is most often present in doctors), but there is one unshakable rule in psychology – if the problem is acquired by the psyche, as a result of its inability to adapt to existing conditions, then you can get rid of the problem only by methods of psychology and/or non-drug therapy. Medications are most often required only to reduce the severity of problems, but not to cure them.

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