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  1. The average person, whose sleep rate is 7-8 hours, can not get used to it and get ENOUGH SLEEP in 4 hours. Yes, it is possible to reduce the duration of sleep for some time, including by switching to polyphasic sleep. However, this cannot become a permanent mode. First of all, the psyche and cognitive functions will suffer from a lack of sleep. With prolonged sleep restriction, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular pathology, violation of carbohydrate metabolism, etc. develop/worsen.

  2. A person is not a brute – he gets used to everything. However, I don't think that the body will like it. Chronic lack of sleep is bound to affect your health and ever it will manifest itself in a negative way. Therefore, the best way to combat sleep is sleep

  3. Yes, you can
    There is an approach called polyphasic sleep
    Here are the different techniques and modes shown in the images

    But, according to user reviews, getting used to it is very difficult.
    And it's easy to break down – after drinking alcohol or in a stressful situation

  4. Ivan, good evening.

    In a stressful situation, when the human body lives in a state of tension and consolidation of all resources (for example, military service, specific living conditions, work schedule), it may be forced to get used to a four-hour sleep.�

    But, it is advisable not to bring it to a chronic lack of sleep, because many neurological and psychological problems are associated with lack of sleep. Your sleep rate depends on your age. At working age, it is advisable for a person to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

    All the best!

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