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  1. You should pay attention to the overall design and interior of the room. It is important that the style is preserved and the presence of a particular picture does not break the thin line of the bathroom design. An experienced artist or interior designer can help you make your choice. If you choose your own paintings for the room-take into account all the selection criteria, starting from the color scheme, ending with the theme of the paintings, etc.

    lighting of the room.

    Choosing paintings for a bright and spacious bathroom, you can safely stop at the works of famous medieval artists and fill the interior of your bathroom with them. You can decorate your paintings in rough, bulky vintage frames. This will give the room some royal grandeur. If you are alien to ancient times and are closer to the heart of modern art and minimalism in space, then choose bright, “juicy” paintings of small sizes with thin frames or without them at all. Appropriate for your interior will be your own photos without frames, randomly hung around the perimeter of the bathroom walls.

  2. It is not recommended to store paintings in the bath, since high humidity leads to damage to its classic base (natural canvas or wooden panel). Theoretically, you can cover the base with additional varnish, but still the best option is to use synthetic canvas (polyester). Painting on such a canvas is not afraid of moisture.

  3. Not only possible, but also necessary! This is an amazing highlight of the decor.

    Images don't have to be made of paper. Mosaic paintings are very popular. Most often they are created from ceramics, wood, stone, glass. The most common option is glass. It is a durable material that is not afraid of humidity.�

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