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  1. I have a small but noticeable strabismus, and I can give a first-hand answer. That's right: you should look into the eye that is now looking at you. But try not to look too closely – I am sure that many of my colleagues, like me, will become confused and uncomfortable under your gaze. Look at your face, it will be easier for everyone 🙂

    P. S. Sometimes I am amused by looking at two people at the same time.) It's especially fun when they notice it.)

  2. Heck, no one is looking into any particular eye. It would be strange if the person I'm talking to is always staring at one spot on my face.

    From the behavioral science book: when we talk, we first look in the left eye, then in the right, and then, depending on what we want from this person, we look at the mouth, chin, chest, erm… even lower. And this triangle is constantly repeated , and it is “executed” in a matter of seconds.

    So you don't have to stare into the other person's eye, they talk sideways like normal, so don't pay attention to the squint and just talk.

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