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  1. When undergoing an EEG test, one of the activation procedures is hyperventilation of the lungs, in which the partial pressure of CO2 in the blood changes (decreases). When smoking, it also changes (increases), especially if it is a conditional hookah. So for some types of epilepsy, it is better to refrain from smoking. Think for yourself what it can cost to smoke a cigarette in remission. On the other hand, the states were supposed to study the effect of smoking marijuana on convulsive activity, the result I, unfortunately, do not know, but as a folk remedy, in some forms of the disease, smoking weed is used there. This question is best answered by an attending epileptologist who knows the specifics of the disease (there are many forms of epilepsy).

  2. I am an epileptic myself, I have been smoking for 6 years, and I will tell you frankly that smoking and alcohol did not cause me an attack. But I still advise you to clarify this question with your doctor (he should only be an epileptologist, all sorts of neurologists/neuropathologists are not competent in this matter).

    Personally, I'm fine, so I don't think you should worry either.


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