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  1. It's difficult in urban settings. Starting with the fact that everyone around you lives on a 24-hour schedule and ending with the change of day and night.

    However, I had a friend who spent a long time, for several months, underground – for example, in the system of former catacombs “Nikita” in the Moscow region.

    He argued that there, in the absence of natural light and the influence of society, without people around, the body itself is rebuilt for longer periods of sleep and wakefulness.

  2. It is possible, but in the absence of natural light sources, under such conditions, the body itself goes on such a cycle, or even more.

    I've heard about the cave experiment, here's the link happydoctor.ru but unfortunately I didn't find the original source from which I learned about him, then I could have referred to the author or his book.

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