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  1. Yes, it can. Especially if you not only listen to it, but also perform it yourself. Learning new songs and mastering new instruments forms a lot of neural connections in the brain, which, of course, develops and helps the brain not to age longer.

  2. Of course, yes. The brain is made up of neurons and synapses that start a new life when people learn something or remember something. If you have a melody in your head, then your brain has changed, which means that its further work will be somewhat different. This is true not only for music, but also for movies and texts. It's not for nothing that good journalism schools make you learn pages from classics by heart.

  3. Human development is influenced by many factors, and one of these factors is music.
    In Europe, some social experiments were conducted: people were given a genre of music, and they listened to this genre for a week. At the end of the experiment, new habits and behavioral changes were identified in the participants. For example, rap listeners were more aggressive, while classical listeners had a better perception of the world.
    Music is like society or the environment, it strongly influences him and his perception of the world.

  4. Yes. Research on the effects of music on humans began after the Second World War. In the United States, tuberculosis patients were allowed to listen to classical music and their condition showed positive changes. More details about this are written in Osipova's textbook on psychocorrection

  5. Very likely. Different music carries a different charge of energy. If, for example, you listen to classical music, you will calm down, listen to heavy rock – you will get a boost of energy(which everyone releases in their own way), and so on. And this already makes its own changes in behavior (Energetic/calm/neither this nor that). But that's not all. Many fans try to become like their idols, and this already has consequences. And if after listening to the classics you will learn to play the piano and read philosophical books (you give stereotypes), then after listening to metal you will have the desire to take the drums and beat them with such nonsense that the neighbors will call the police (catch a drug addict!!!).�

    The text is also affected. Some songs have lyrics like “Nobody needs me, everyone left me”, such people either commit suicide or join groups of whiners, other songs may have lyrics like “boys rule the world, drink and drink and humiliate skins”, here the consequences are visible and so on. You can also go through other situations, but the essence will not change: �

    Music gives us a mood (charge) and thoughts (text).

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