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  1. Definitely. There are quite a few studies on sleep function. If my memory serves me correctly, an experiment on laboratory mice showed that with prolonged sleep deprivation, low-quality upohols begin to actively develop in the intestines of animals.

  2. If you are healthy – it can not, but hooch psychologists will tell you that you need only under their supervision and only for the money.

    Sleep deprivation is the deliberate deprivation of sleep for one purpose or another

    Used when:

    • sleep disorders
    • depressions

    In some cases, sleep deprivation is used to produce visual or auditory hallucinations. I will make a reservation that I pursued exactly these goals-hallucinations without the use of lsd, drugs, mushrooms.

    The method is approximately as follows: you should not sleep for at least 4 days.

    Practice. It turned out not to sleep for only 3 days, at one point I just passed out and woke up only a day later.

    Pros: there is a lot of free time, smells and sounds increase several times, performance oddly enough increases, the main thing is to do something all the time: drink, eat, work, with insomnia should help well, with depression I do not advise, you can aggravate

    Disadvantages: You become irritable, constantly want to sleep, if you are in poor health , you should not do this.

    I repent, I am weak, I was knocked out quickly, I didn't have any sound or light hallucinations, I probably need to suffer for a couple more days, but here it only depends on my body, well, he couldn't do it anymore.

    – it's up to you to decide on deprivationWhether or not it's worth a try. I tried it and I don't regret it:

    • First of all, I realized that I was not as weak as I thought, because not everyone can stay up for three days without sleeping
    • secondly, it may be questionable, but life experience
    • third, there is something to share with others

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