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  1. Of course! The herb makes the food seem divine, which is impossible to eat while sober.
    There is an interesting YouTube channel called drugslab , where three Dutch people try different drugs and tell you all about them, put different experiments on who took them, and there is food there. Some videos have Russian subtitles, and some have only English subtitles.

  2. Yes, they can. This is not necessarily due to the effect of the substance. For example, if you sniff amphetamine, etc., then it can “fall” through the nasopharynx for some time, and even water gets a characteristic taste. If you have the misfortune to eat under stimulants, then the food is like sand because of dried grass. I agree with the previous author about LSD and herbs. But with LSD, it also happens that a person wants one particular product, and all other tastes are not felt, and the taste of the desired product becomes brighter. In short, everyone is buggy in different ways.

  3. If you mean immediately after the reception, then yes. Under acid, personally, everything seemed tasteless to me, but under grass, on the contrary, everything is much tastier. If in the long run – I have not encountered such messages.

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