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  1. Without specifying, I will refer to text role-playing games as forum games and vkontakte publics.

    Subjectivism further.

    I've been doing tabletop role-playing games for more than 20 years. I've been more or less happy with what I've been doing for 10 years. Text games have never been interesting to me, but I've heard in the role-playing community that they are usually thrash, graphomania, and players who mostly project their complexes into the gameplay. That is, there is a lot of this in the whole role-playing party, but in the text ones the concentration of hell is especially high. There may be unique companies where this is not the case, but it is rare.

    The end of subjectivism.

    Art is an activity aimed at obtaining a certain product. Play is an activity for the sake of activity. So when you're playing, you're not writing a book, and literary standards don't apply here. Except for those cases when you have a game-really a tool for writing a book (there are such cases, so a certain amount of fantasy is written, but this is not a degeneration of literature, because these books do not claim to be laurels). Or when you create content for the game. Game design is an art, though not a literature. At the same time, there is skill in the game and for text role – playing games, part of the skill is to write well.

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