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  1. It is already a reality – and you have heard about this substance many times. Its name is cocaine.

    Compare its effect with the pill from the “Region of Darkness”:

    Cocaine belongs to the group of psychostimulants, and therefore it is used mainly to raise the mood and get pleasant emotions. When cocaine comes, there is a feeling of euphoria and uplift of strength, there is an illusion of unlimited mental abilities. An interesting thing happens with memory. What happens under the coke is almost impossible to remember when you're sober until you take the next dose. A person can form two almost unrelated realities, as it were. For example, Stephen King said that he wrote a couple of books under cocaine and can't remember it at all.

    Another effect of coke is to sharpen all the senses. The client begins to see small details that he doesn't pay attention to in normal life, and they take on a deep meaning for him. The world seems very bright, music or, say, bell ringing starts to deliver incredibly. The skin becomes very sensitive.

    Quote of the day: “You notice an increase in self-control capabilities, a surge of vitality and an increase in performance. In other words, you remain a completely normal person, and very soon you simply do not believe that you are under the influence of the drug… Long and intense physical work is performed without leaving a feeling of fatigue. The result is achieved without any unpleasant side effects characteristic of alcohol exposure. Absolutely no craving for cocaine appears either after the first or subsequent use of the drug” – Grandfather Freud, in his youth a big fan of sabzh.

    Note:�After the invention of cocaine, it was not only considered absolutely harmless, but also almost a cure for all diseases. Just keep in mind that it was initially used by fairly disciplined scientists in reasonable doses. However, after the penetration of a pure product into the masses, it became clear that everything is not so simple.

    By the way, cocaine practically does not cause physical dependence. But do not rush to rejoice, it causes MENTAL DEPENDENCE. And radish horseradish is no sweeter.�The result can be the biographies of some Hollywood stars (Mosfilm) and other celebrities — family fights that turn into divorces, depression, adding alcohol to life, switching to other heavy substances, long-term treatment with a psychiatrist, suicide.

  2. Such pills don't exist and probably won't exist if you think scientifically. And if you fantasize, then of course you can invent and invent.

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