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  1. Because history is full of cases when people are not afraid of pain, death, conviction, execution, torture “stood up for certain beliefs or defended their value system regardless of suffering, grief and persecution” probably can. Worse than physical pain is existential pain, when the soul is not in place, when it screams and this cry cannot be silenced. I think that there are many things in the world that are worse than pain-betrayal, treason, deceit, hypocrisy, predation, base passions, stupidity and madness, etc.

  2. pain has many gradations. Did every bone in your body hurt? physiologists will explain to you that this is impossible. Nevertheless, human feelings are much richer than science. And in the end, you always realize that it wasn't the worst part at all. Yes-there are many things worse than physical pain.

  3. Naturally, you ask about physiological pain. but there are no criteria here. it depends on the psychotype, and this is an individual thing. no one will tell you what it is. I can only say based on my own experience. the pain is different. teeth are the nastiest. and UNBEARABLE – it's not there.You may be influenced by influencing people close to you. But it's not a pain. The pain will come later when you realize that people close to you have suffered because of you. But even this is up to you. Any pain is our reaction to the world.

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