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  1. Yes, of course. Photoshop and the graphic tablet are just a modern tool, and accordingly a new art direction-digital art. Artists are called CG artists, which stands for computer graphics.

    In most cases, artists who are good at drawing computer graphics are also good at drawing on paper or writing on real canvas.

    If you compare the number of regular artists and CG artists, the latter is not much larger. Just for an ordinary artist, showing their work means organizing an exhibition or participating in an exhibition. For a CG artist, everything is easier, you need to put your work on the Internet: on a website, in a portfolio, in a social network. Because of this, digital art has a lot of low-level content, so you may get the impression that the whole direction is not serious either. But this is not so, you just need to look at the work of the masters.

    In my podcast, I talked with a CG artist — Rinat Khabirov. In the description of my profile there is a link to the public, if you are interested, find a post by his last name, there is his portfolio. And you will see that real professional digital art is not inferior to the usual graphics or painting.

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