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  1. You can compare sour with distant and nothing. What is meant here is: how much communism is present in absolute fascism and how much fascism is present in communism. And to do this, you should first look at the words. Fascism, fascia, ligament, fist, � – (in a misinterpretation) a corrupt association in order to elevate a specific group above competitors, in the case of Hitler's fascism , the superiority of a race (not that it is fictitious) over all others. While communism preferred to unite (fascinate) on the principle of class superiority, with all the resulting features.�

    So there are similarities and differences, but not so fundamental. Unless fascism is more universal as a fascia structure, and socialism as an interethnic and interracial project.

  2. In some countries of the world, they were compared and, as a result of the comparison, both were banned. Since the case is not an isolated one, you can compare it quite successfully, the main thing is to determine the parameters, for example:

    attitudes to 1. human rights 2. property 3. separation of powers 4. right to information 5. freedom of movement 6. elections and change of government

  3. In a sense, these two movements have a lot in common, since both are built on the idea of persecuting others based on differences. If fascists have racial differences, then communists have class differences. While it was not the fault of the Jews in Germany that they were born Jewish, it was also not the fault of the well-to-do peasants that it occurred to someone who was lazy to take everything away from them and call them kulaks. Then you can just mention for a snack that in both systems the press is used as a weapon, there is no freedom of speech, there is an overblown cult of the leader. Distinguishes between fascism and communism attitude to the spiritual. For communists, it is indiscriminately negative, and for fascists, it resembles a mystical fever. These are also two different ignorant extremes. And although these two worldviews strongly hate each other, they are both socialist, mass. The difference between left and right is often not very significant if there are fanatics on both sides. So these two trends can be cited side by side as an example of a distorted society, but such a comparison will not be very correct in the historical example, since these trends have completely different roles and conditions of formation.

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