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  1. Modernity has erased this statement and changed its meaning.

    Monogamy is more typical of a canonical religious society, where the vows made during the wedding ritual were maintained by the couple.�

    Polygamy today may be different from Stone Age polygamy. However, society accepts polygamy of both sexes, and this has become the norm.�

    The only thing that can replace the equal sign in the number of relationships between men and women, �with the more or less sign, is statistics based on people's responses. �

    In general, men are still leading the world, but what is polygamy measured in? In what units ?

  2. on the basis of what is such a strange conclusion made?))) just because we feel differently about sex doesn't make us any more polygamous or monogamous.

  3. No way. Marriage is generally a social phenomenon, and hookup is a biological one. Another question is material – I would like to transfer a material resource to a direct descendant, but history shows that this is not the way out

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