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  1. No.
    Or rather, you can say that, but this idea is wrong, and twice.

    1. There is no”Consumption Economy”.
      2.There is no”Entertainment Economy”.
      There is simply an “economy” that works according to its own laws.
      Consumption is a completely integral part of any economy.
      Entertainment is one of the components of consumption.Since the economy is now much more developed than it was 100 or even 50 years ago, it is quite natural that the structure of consumption is changing. In particular, due to the rising standard of living, there is a growing demand for entertainment.
      But this is not a transition from one economy to another – it is the same economy.
  2. No. What kind of entertainment? Chinese people who work 80 hours a week where are they? How do they have fun? No one goes anywhere. It's just that there are rich people who work little, and there are poor people who work a lot. That's 300 years ago. Where were the tsars? In the entertainment economy.

  3. Look at the economies of the progressive powers.

    New companies of the�type

    Facebook, Netflix, Google (in many ways), Twitter, Snap, and a bunch of others are all pets of the new entertainment economy.

    Look at what young people are now earning or dreaming of earning, this is blogging. Watch TV programs in almost all countries, complete entertainment contests for amateurs.

    Due to the fact that robot substitution displaces people from the production of goods, humanity remains entertainment. Looks like for this future economy, everyone is on content production comrades!

    After all, we have become a consumer society only from the fact that in the production of urgently needed goods for life, it has become necessary not to have a particularly large number of people(because of technology), and the rest of us need to work somewhere and produce something. So we produce a lot of different hu..and, and now hu..what will the technology do, so that leaves us with the entertainment economy.

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