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  1. God is originally a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of the World.

    The world includes everything, including the virtual world, so we consider it created and endow it with the characteristics of Will and Personality. However, here comes the problem that God is originally something outside the system of the World. Therefore, in Christianity, this problem is solved through Christ-man and God, God within God. Now we have not only God the creator and God the man, God the person. So we can address him as a different person and ask.

    In Buddhism, this question is solved from within, namely, a person must go beyond the World and the basis of the world-suffering, becoming something else. The difference here is that the external World can also be outside of God. I don't think it is correct to say that the Buddha is being asked for something, because the Buddha is yourself, some perfect version of you.

    So the question of God rests on the “basic condition of existence” – the Basis of our World: existence-non-existence-and their connection.

  2. Something like this is true: God is an energetic entity with great influence. Which, in turn, can be somewhat influenced by a person, including by their requests. If the requests are formulated correctly and do not conflict with many other factors.

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