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  1. Unfortunately, if this could be easily understood by reading a book or listening to a lecture, then millions of people would not bother and practice for years, but would read “zen for dummies”.

    The fact is that there is no separate science “Buddhism”: physics studies physics, demography works with population data, and Buddhist teaching is the teaching about yourself. Not about Vasya navel, not about the religion of ancient China, but about you, and how long it takes to learn yourself – so much will be spent on Zen. There is no subject of study but you, and there is no knower but you. Zen, like any Buddhist movement, provides tools, a platform for experience, and maybe a number of methodological texts and helpers-mentors.

    Zen has no ideas other than the abandonment of obscurations.

  2. If you understand that it is impossible to understand anything, then you are there. I mean, you're here. Otherwise, if you stay here, you are nowhere to be found! Who and where are you?

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