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  1. The soul is the soul-the spiritual one. It is not a finer matter like light, but a completely different reality.

    It is impossible to imagine a different reality. And then notice what I say, everything that we imagine will necessarily have only elements of this reality, for example, a person with wings, because in this world there are wings and a person. For example, how the wings are connected to a person will be more difficult to imagine. Or a smiling cloud or something invisible like air. And in spiritual reality, all this is not there, because there are no matters — at all.

    In cartoons, a variety of fictional creatures, as well as aliens, they always consist of a body, etc. All this is in this world-forms, substances, structures, etc. They just stick something from here to there and vice versa.

    Drawings with angels, this is only figurative, there are no material bodies. The soul is nothing like a jellyfish, as it is shown in the movies, believe me.)

    And when the soul enters the next world, the question disappears, because there is a world of truth and there will be no questions. There will only be shame for bad intentions and for not trusting the Almighty. This does not mean that a person should come to terms with problems, on the contrary, a person is here to solve problems, ask the Creator for help, joy, wisdom, etc. For example, to see yourself and the world optimistically, to see that everything is much easier. It just means not thinking that someone at the top made a mistake.) Moreover, the soul agreed to everything that will happen.

    It's just that in this world we're missing a few numbers in the equation, and then we'll all say, ” Ahh.. that's it..”.:)

    We've all been in this world before and are undergoing some kind of correction.

    No one can take what is yours and nothing can be taken away from anyone, it is only an illusion.

    And checking the person's choice of whether or not to steal.)

    Not all pleasant things are good and not all good things are pleasant, but what is good now may be bad in another way, etc. etc.

    In short, it is impossible to kill a soul, and in the next world it will not be possible..

    As always, with best wishes. I especially regret your optimism!

  2. Difficult question.

    The Bible does not give an unambiguous answer, on the one hand, all the holy men and Talmuds unequivocally say “NO”.

    On the other hand, in the revelations of John, there are lines about the Lake of Brimstone and Fire, which fall into which, die “Spiritual Death”.

    So, in principle, this is possible.

    Here it is, the inconsistency of the biblical texts.

    In Lamaist, Buddhist, and Hindu practices, there is a concept like KALI-MA, the blackness in which there is nothing and no one. And killed by the servant of the goddess Kali-Thug, forever flies out of the wheel of rebirth.

    The same can be attributed to Shiva to some extent.

    The Buddha, in his enlightenment, never once or twice issued very controversial conclusions about the Cessation of Suffering.

    But like everything else in Asia… not everything is so simple.

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