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  1. I recommend these books:

    • Joseph O'Connor, John Seymour ” Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming. The latest psychology of personal mastery”

    • Frank Pucelik, Byron Lewis “The Magic of neuro-linguistic programming without secrets”

    • Robert Cialdini “The Psychology of Influence”

    • Igor Vagin “The best psychotechnics of Igor Vagin”

  2. It is better to start studying books on NLP or with the classics of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. But they are a bit difficult to understand right away. But other authors just take their ideas and techniques from there…�

    Other very good books are now written by Russian authors, in particular Sergey Gorin, T. V. Gagin, Pligin, M. Pelekhaty and Yu. Chekchurin…

  3. The book is useful, and almost error-free:

    Robert Dilts “Strategies of Geniuses” in 3 volumes.

    All modern books by John Grinder are difficult to read, but they are good for the attentive reader and his inquisitive mind.

    Richard Bandler's books are accessible and interesting for various reasons. For example, the book “The Art of Persuasion” (in the original “Persuasion Engineering”) is good for those who want to read about popular NLP in communication.

    Anthony Robbins ' books inspire adults.

    Most NLP books are ads.

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  4. It depends on the purpose for which you want to study NLP. As an expert who rejects this theory through scientific research on NLP principles, I can say that NLP does not really work. But to answer your question, I recommend reading Monsters and Magic Wands.

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