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  1. First you need to immerse yourself in Antiquity. Arzamas has two excellent educational programs that will tell you about the history of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in a very interesting way.



    Arzamas also has audio lectures from the educational program “What is antiquity”, where various spheres in ancient society are considered in more detail, from history and politics to sexuality and morality in that era

    “What is antiquity”

    On ancient philosophy, I would recommend a series of speeches by Doctor of Philosophy Andrey Baumeister.Ancient philosophy Post-Science has a course of lectures on rhetoric and the formation of the art of correct speech, which is taught by Professor of the Higher School of Economics and Doctor of Philology, a well-known Russian expert on classical philology Hasan Huseynov.�


    I will also recommend the course” History of Ancient Greece ” also in Post-science. Sergey Karpyuk, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Leading Researcher at the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences.�

    “History of Ancient Greece”

  2. Professor Zharinov is a literary critic, publicist, historian ,lecturer on such topics as art, history, philosophy, literature-and in general, he touches on a lot of things in his reasoning – and religion and politics, he is a brilliant connoisseur of music, etc. He even has a radio program that he hosts with Irina Klenskaya-The Labyrinth of Truth.

    Andrey Zubov-lectures on history, politics, etc.

    Andrey Konchalovsky-his lectures on cinema, literature, painting, his reflections on history, on the fate of the world ( West and East), on religion, on the fate of Russia, on God, on the causes and roots of what is called Human Existence are very interesting. here

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