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  1. A man from Earth. One of my favorite movies. The film is about a man who has lived since the beginning of time. Although, I must say, the film is not how much to think, how much to reflect/dream, but the film is worth the time spent anyway.

  2. It is very difficult to make such collections. Nevertheless, I will try to write films that made me think and even experience some enlightenment. Most of them will be art-house and indie films, not all of them are good films, but they still lead to certain thoughts

    • Another Earth-despite the seemingly simple situation and the main theme, the film encourages you to think at least about actions, their role, and allows you to draw analogies with other people.

    • Moon 2112 is just something. The film lives in the memory for a very long time. Very different from most “dystopias” Plus as an incentive to watch the incredible acting of Rockwell.

    – Destruction. The film also does not take stars from the sky, but it leaves a lot of ground for reflection and, moreover, encourages them.

    – Lobster, Fang, Hunt, Room, Calvary.

    • In general, any art house and independent cinema in principle, due to the fact that they are often difficult to understand, thus requiring a lot of concentration and tension, as well as because of the problems involved, which are usually directly related to complex issues of philosophy, religion(if you want), society and its problems in general.

    Understanding feelings (“emotional intelligence”), problems, various situations that constantly concern a person and are, in fact, topics that require no less mental expenditure than the same detective stories and thrillers sold today as an intellectual product…

  3. It depends on how much knowledge you already have in your head. There are a lot of great films that most people, alas, can not appreciate.

    Soviet filmFountain (it will seem boring to most people, because the movie is old and not colorful). Just the same shit-movieThe fool is almost stripped from cover to cover from the movie Fountain. Only still in the Fountain there are very rich parallels and meanings, and not the boring social program ala “life is rotten” and other dull whining. Well, the ending of the film pleases: everyone got what they were looking for. And believe me – this is also possible in real life, but people simply deny it out of bitterness.

    Sky over Berlin is an art-house movie, very cool.

    Shooting in Palermo is a modern mystical film, the main themes are the fear of death and the midlife crisis (when a person is realized in life, but still cannot find himself), of course, the meaning of life, as well as the search and need for a life partner.

    I am not a fan of Mikhalkov from the word quite entirely, but the film ” 12 ” is very interesting in many ways. It is interesting not in the story about how the boy who was framed is acquitted, but in what stories from his life, these twelve investigators tell from their lives. It is the everyday stories, how they solved them, what conclusions they made.

    By the way, there is another movie with the number 12. ThisTwelve Monkeys starring Bruce Willis and not quite bald yet. The film is fantastic, but not preklyuchenskaya and the final film is not a “happy ending”.

    In general, the directors of the brothers have a lot of good smart filmsCohen, there are a lot of them, I won't list them, but almost everyone there is first class and smart. Very cool movies for exampleHudsacker's henchman orBringing up Arizona – these are comedy films that look great, but they are very smart and say very important things to the audience. Whether the viewer is able to see and understand this depends on the viewer himself.

    FilmsI recommend Tarkovsky. His movieStalker is very good, but still you should first read the book Picnic on the roadside by the Strugatsky brothers to understand the meaning of the film. The book and movie have virtually nothing to do with the tabloid Alaska franchises.apocalypse. Still, there is much more philosophy there, and the fantastic basis is just an author's tool.

    I also highly recommend Soviet films, such asViburnum Red Shukshina orLove and Pigeons Menshov street. Movies are very useful and necessary even today. Especially for those who want to understand their personal life.

    If we talk aboutThe Matrix is an amazing movie, yes, it's worth watching. A lot of things are pulled from Christian mysticism, Buddhist philosophy, and finally from Aristotle, but for most people this is just another template film for “not like that”.

    Above mentioned moviesBest offer, Regions of darkness, Groundhog Day. From all that is listed there, you definitely need to watch these films.
    Best offer. The film works in many ways like postmodernism-the film, the plot and meaning separately (which you also perceive), and so this film can give birth to a lot of thoughts in parallel. What is funny and ironic is that the person who recommended this film to me (or rather, it was her) did not take anything useful from this film.
    Regions of Darkness is a cool movie, but it's not about anything. Just a person's desire to make himself superman (only without superman).
    If we talk about Groundhog Day-the film is very cool, especially when you live, and life flies by fuck knows where and definitely past you.

    Everything else: Mind Games, Philosophers: a Lesson in Survival, Davinci the Cat – in fact, so-so, well, at least the last of them is a good detective story at the level of Nicolas Cage's Treasure of the Nation, but nothing more, just with a share of mysticism, hidden meanings and “And now we will tell you the terrible truth!”. It's even a shame that Tom Hanks starred in such an unworthy film for his level. Speaking of which, here's the movieOutlaw with Tom Hanks highly recommended.

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