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  1. For starters, there are several popular science books written simply and with humor, but adequately presenting scientific facts. For example, ” Who would have thought! How the Brain Makes Us Do Stupid Things “by Asi Kazantseva,” Secrets of Our Brain, or Why Smart People Do Stupid Things “by Sandra Amodt and Sam Wong, “Brain in 30 Seconds” by Anil Seth, and, of course, books by neurologist Oliver Sacks.

    As a more thorough reading, I would like to recommend the book “Brain and Soul: how Neural Activity Shapes our Inner World ” by Chris Frith, and books by V. Ramachandran (“The Birth of the Mind” and “The Brain Tells”). In the latter, some results are interpreted too harshly for my taste, but it is still a good and interesting read. If you have a serious interest and the ability to read English, I would also recommend the book “Rhythms of the Brain” (Gyorgy Buszhaki) about synchronization and coordination of brain activity.

  2. Sam Keen, Duel of Neurosurgeons-stories about the emergence of neuroscience and neurosurgery.

    Rita Carter, How the brain works – a detailed analysis of how it works.

  3. I advise you to read the books of S. V. Savelyev , a Russian evolutionist, Doctor of biological Sciences. In particular, I recommend “The Origin of the brain” and “The Poverty of the brain”.

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