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  1. The most unusual, interesting and mysterious surfactants are psychedelics. The most pleasant ones are euphoretics. Applied-stimulants (used at sports competitions or during volume monotonous work) I will tell you about the most interesting-psychedelics. Namely, LSD(full experience is available only with this type of psychedelic drug)


    I survived about 25-30 trips.

    The weakest ones (100-150 mcg) contained interesting experiences, very interesting and unusual. It was very cool to observe the visual change in perception: everything around seemed to “breathe”, move smoothly, change and was accompanied by fractals(monotonous objects were outlined with fractal patterns, this is very beautiful and unusual) Vision was greatly sharpened: to see every hair on the arm, every blotch on the skin, every wrinkle, the face looked 10 years older.

    The music became “bombastic”, the feeling when you smell the music, when you feel it tactilely, can not be conveyed… This phenomenon is called “synesthesia” and is due to the fact that those parts of the brain that are normally isolated from each other, under LSD, are connected. This is very interesting and useful to experience. The world is then perceived a little differently. The next effect of LSD is the “ego dissolution” in weak trips, it was not very pronounced. It is that you are no longer aware of who you are, “what you are,” and so on. This is also a very interesting condition, which is caused, on the contrary, by the fact that brain regions are usually abstracted from each other under LSD. The last thing I will say from weak trips is that all delicious food becomes incomparable, all sorts of cakes, cheesecakes, etc. melt in your mouth, you feel the taste palette of these products ten times better than in ordinary life.

    The next degree of trips is medium/strong (150-250mcg).

    All previous effects are enhanced. There is a “cartoon” visual perception: everything around is no longer clear, but on the contrary, as in a cartoon. This is also very cool. The ego dissolves completely: you do not understand who you are, what you have experienced, what you have accepted and do not really want to understand it, you are happy that you are in another reality. There is a danger that when you go out on the balcony, you realize that you can fly like a bird and soar in the clouds and this, however, is scary, I, fortunately, always understood that “it is impossible”, “dangerous”, etc. You can choke on food if you start laughing, for example. In this state, it is difficult to control laughter, you can laugh while swallowing a piece of berry pie.

    The last degree is the most powerful trips.

    This is the most memorable and powerful experience I've ever had. In this state, you do not have any way and under any conditions can not behave adequately (on the street in front of people do not appear ever in this state !!!!!!!) My power was such that I just couldn't see anything that was going on around me(with my eyes open) With your eyes open, you see cartoons, various episodes, different pictures, movies, all kinds of people, experienced moments, and hear music created by your brain and not different from the real one. This is very tough and serious. I found myself in this state on the street in crowded places, I was carried by two people, I could not move and perceive what was happening. And the power of this trip was such that I didn't even catch this trip, I just didn't see or hear what was happening around me, I was in my head and there was my own life. This is a fierce tough guy, this is not forgotten. You can assume that you sleep with your eyes open and you are wildly “sausage” inside and yet some images from the outside world break through to you in dreams that have a cyclical nature and interesting plots. I didn't know that I was under any effect, I didn't know that I existed, I didn't know that I was, that the world existed, I didn't understand any of this at all. I let go abruptly and it felt as if I was just brought back to this reality, pulled out of it for 6 hours and returned. It's like I was in a dream and woke up: you don't understand what happened and how you ended up in this place. After that, the trail was left with sound hallucinations for about a day, consisting in the fact that already when I was sober, I heard my phone ringing, indistinguishable from real ones(a funny surprise, almost did not bother, but on the contrary surprised). The frequency of these calls decreased over time and disappeared completely in 20 hours. At first, I constantly grabbed my phone and didn't understand why the sound is there and the screen is in normal condition.

    In conclusion, I would like to note that I did not have any mental abnormalities after that. After the most severe trip that was 5 months ago, I used LSD only once and already in an adequate amount. There is no particular desire to repeat it. LSD didn't actually change my life in any way, either for the better or for the worse, I just realized that the world is much more diverse and interesting than we see it. That the possibilities of the psyche are not limited, and that ASD (altered states of consciousness) is interesting! I will also say that drugs will not change your life for the better, that you need to achieve everything by working hard on yourself, developing your personality and improving yourself. I strongly do not recommend using surfactants, this, no matter what anyone says, is a LOTTERY!!! why do you need this ? Love yourself, your life and think about your loved ones and about a healthy sober life. Drugs didn't ruin my life, I don't sit on anything now, I don't want to try anything, I'm not going to, and I understand that I can live without it all, but everything happens differently to everyone and I lost a huge number of friends and acquaintances because of this stuff( because of heavy drugs, not like LSD, but like meth heroin, etc.)!!

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