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  1. You need to know enough, starting from “simple” logic and ending with such “black” things as hacking and the like with::
    As far as we know, their activities are currently suspended
    , here are a couple of answers to their tasks:�habrahabr.ru

  2. you need to know quite a lot. there will not get ordinary mortals, those who do not understand this, but want to. this only works for those who already understand the issue and are ready to improve

  3. Cicada puzzles cover a variety of communication media including the Internet, phone, music, bootable Linux disk images, digital images, and paper signs. Cicada also uses a variety of methods to encrypt, encode, and hide information. The puzzles have references to a wide range of books, poetry, art, and music. Each puzzle is digitally signed with the same GnuPG key to confirm authorship. Thus, it cannot be said that Cicada puzzles require people to have knowledge in any particular industry. Both high technical competence and general erudition are required. But first of all, the ability to find information is important.

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