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  1. The human race has surrounded itself with things that only it can understand… What is civilization-culture? We will assume that we mean technologies. Well, the Sentinelese live without medicine, the Internet and other things. Is it good for them? In their understanding it is good, they do not know what a civilization is. We also perceive black holes as something incomprehensible, but what if it's just a trace of other “civilizations”? That's the same understanding they have about our world. They are born, have children at the age of 12, live to 30-40 and die. And they live like this, because they don't know any other examples…
    If you pack up and go to the remote taiga, then having experience for comparison, you will return to the “civilization”with a leopard step.

    So in the understanding of a 21st – century person, civilization is a blessing.

  2. of course evil, the pitchfork flew to capture the world) from the pitchfork ci and captured it) civilized so to speak) do you like what is happening now? Personally, I don't. and yes, it was better before. how much earlier is another question.

    on the other hand, some tribes now live without the usual “benefits” of civilization and their norms.�

    and remember how “civilized” Europe sailed across the American continent. and not only..�

    and now even the more technologically advanced ones are taking resources away from the weak and invading their personal space. this is both on a planetary scale and in space.�

    if there was no civilization, you wouldn't ask questions here, and I wouldn't answer, but would we work then? would they die in packs? this is of course a question.

    on the other hand, those” civilizations ” that left behind irrefutable traces of their technological greatness were far superior to the current one. and where are they now? they were destroyed…�

    but many people are confident and believe in the achievements of their civilization) they say this is the pinnacle of human thought) and these technologies were first discovered and before that there was only a primitive. but we have development. it may well be, within the framework of this “civilization” of course))) if you do not take into account that all progress is artificially regulated from the outside and not only progress. they live in their “matrix” and think with stereotypes loaded at school, or picked up in some literature of an “authoritative scientist” and believe that he knows, and they now know, and do not worry. live, work, die, many do not think about what and how, once! survive! we need to work! why work for what? for the sake of your beloved of course)

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